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((( SOB )))) this is what I get ... Chad is extremely ill

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    Originally posted by cspanos
    I think we're all stoked the Vancomycin worked so well. Awesome news!!! For those interested in learning a little more:

    Yep, I'm a nerd.

    I think you are going to have to join Wikipedia Anonymous to rid you of your addiction....LOL
    Just kidding....

    Ami I am glad that you and Chad are back home. Just take care of yourself and dont run yourself so ragged.
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      Just caught up with this thread. I am happy things are getting better for you and yours! Ami, I can feel the love you have for your family through your writing and that of others, it shines through and through that you are a most wonderful, caring person.
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        Ami, please check your PM when you have time. I have wrote to you a long story. Thank you.


          Hi Ami,
          Sorry to hear of all your troubles,I just went into the site and could not believe what I was reading, but I am so happy to see things worked out well for you and Chad. GOOD LUCK!


            The power of prayer. So good to hear Chad is on the road to recovery.

            All the best to you both.


              Great to hear!



                Just saw this...I am so glad Chad is on the mend! I wish nothing but calmness and happiness for you three for a LLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time to come!
                "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing's going to get better. It's not." - Dr. Seuss


                  I just saw this and I am glad things are looking better. I had something erupt liket that once several years ago. It was after a round of systemic thrush we thought I had gotten rid of. What was one day a tiny nick in my skin was the very next day a 6 inch oozing mess.

                  Will be praying for you and Chad.


                    Thank you Lord for Chad's quick recovery!