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((( SOB )))) this is what I get ... Chad is extremely ill

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    wooHOO!!! Hugs to all the people...and high fives too! Especially to Chad, Ami, and Lil guy!

    I love it when a miracle hits and the Doctors have to STOP what they are doing and try to figure out what hit...

    Take care,

    God bless...



    PS--Ami, I am amazed that my voice mail made a lick of sense...LOL...I was worried, and when I get worried I talk faster, and when I talk faster, I make NO SENSE...LOL...


      Yeah Chad and Ami!! GREAT NEWS!

      Thank you (insert name here) for answered prayers!
      "I just want you to know, it was the best time ever." J.F.F.


        Just seen this thread.

        Ami, I'm so glad to hear Chad is improving. Things can only get better now.
        Best wishes.


          I echo everyone's thankfulness.


            the power of prayer and good meds. glad this turned out for the good. now you need to get your care giving straight for you and him. take some load off yourself and have Chad work on asking for things directly. God bless you guys
            oh well


              Oh Mary, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my entire laugh! Laughter pent up from fear and exhaustion, but OMG, that was funny. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              We got home via ambulance transfer last night at 8 pm. We both slept from 9:30 pm to 12:30 pm today minus a few cathing/med interruptions. I am buried in work for a client that I must have done by Monday 8 am, so I am showered and slugging down coffee.

              I am so thankful and shocked that I am still a bit of a zombie. When the social worker showed up in the ER and was present while the docs talked about the prognosis of necrotizing fasciitis, I knew we were in real trouble. But unbelievably, my tough crip has pulled through again. He's too stubborn to die!

              Thank you all, I just cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am for your support, prayers, thoughts, and overwhelming love that I truly felt.


              Walkin, kendall, teena, dan, there's more I know, I will return phone calls as I can. THANK YOU so much. Ditto for all the PMs. Wow. Please forgive me if I've forgotten anyone.
              Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager


                So was it a pressure sore or what was it, if I may ask? From 4" to healed is pretty amazing .. ?
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                  Glad to hear Chad is doing better!!!


                    Hi Ami,

                    I'm really glad that things turned out so well for you, Chad and the rambunctious one. I was especially concerned about Chad because of his past bouts with fungal infections that Dr. Young thought may have been brought about by a compromised immune system. If any people need a strong immune system it's us SCIs, especially the higher level ones like Chad.

                    Was there any reason given why Chad developed such a large and infected pressure sore in a short 7 hour time span? I'm sure this isn't the case but one would think that he'd have to be lying on a filthy old rock or whatever to have this happen so quickly and to get so infected. Chad's lucky to have you there as his loving wife and vigilant caregiver.

                    Has the type of bacterial organism that infected Chad so quickly been identifed yet? It wasn't the necrotizing fasciitis that you and the doctor's feared it might be? And what type of antibiotics is he taking now?

                    It's threads like this that give us all a little wake up call to be ever so vigilant about our own skin care. I'm just about over healing a pressure sore on the bottom of my foot that's taken 5 weeks so far and it never even became infected. I imagine Chad will be even more restricted as to how he can lay in bed and his new super-duper wheelchair cruisin' will be put on hold for awhile. That's too bad. Hide the keys from your son though.

                    Again, I'm glad things worked out well for you guys. Y'all deserve a break now and hopefully a vacation sometime in the near future.

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                      Originally posted by lynnifer
                      So was it a pressure sore or what was it, if I may ask? From 4" to healed is pretty amazing .. ?
                      It's not healed, but it is now just a normal sore that I can (hopefully!) heal at home (still 4" approx). The abcess drained spontaneously and the infection was virtually eliminated. So it's still a big ole sore, but now a "regular" one.

                      Oh, and bob et al, it is not a pressure sore, but an abcess that grew upward from the inside out. His (compromised) immune system was not able to keep some kind of normal bacteria in check inside his body and so it grew upward and exploded at the surface. At least that's how it was explained to us. Was not cultured because the pus drained so spontaneously and quickly that only "service fluid" (mastocytes) was left and that is not culture-able. That was part of what amazed the docs.

                      Anyway, that's the scoop.
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                      Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager


                        Wow, I just got back up in my chair recently after babying a pressure sore on my tailbone and read your thread. That's incredible news on his improvement. I was so glad to hear that.


                          Ami, please don't worry about calling me back until you and Chad have had a chance to rest from this ordeal. I'm sure you are both physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, so just take care of yourselves and I will be here when you have had time to catch up on sleep, work and anything else.

                          I'm just extremely grateful that Chad is doing well and home again.

                          Hugs to you both -
                          (and Debbie says hi and Yippee to Chad's recovery, too! )
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                            Great news! Glad y'all are HOME...

                            You don't have to call me back, it's OK...I would love to hear from you but I know you are busy...

                            But one of these days, I am SO gonna come meet ya'll!

                            Take care, God bless ya!



                              So glad Chad is doing better, even happier you guys got to go home. Nothing beats getting to go home.
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                                I think we're all stoked the Vancomycin worked so well. Awesome news!!! For those interested in learning a little more:


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