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Quad looking for PCA info - Upstate New York

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    Quad looking for PCA info - Upstate New York

    I'll be moving to New York (first choice is Ithaca area) and have looked up various addresses and numbers of CIL's - my project for the week is to call them.

    Now for the reality - how long does the paperwork really take etc.?

    Specifics: I will own my own home. My income is RSDI only, so I qualify as poor for Medicaid and will be applying. My main PCA is my SO and will be moving with me. We'll need to get him set up with a CIL that handles PCA's or a private caregiver agency - whichever pays more.

    Does anyone have any tips on agencies, paperwork etc.? We do expect a time when we might be considered citizens without a state, but that situation cannot last forever.

    Good luck with all that. I'm originally from the Rochester area and can't imagine going back to that weather being a quad. Better get some chains for the wheelchair tires. Why the move?
    I'm not all that fond of the heat here in Florida and upstate New York does have some good points except for the winter. Especially in rural areas.


      Oh, god, I cannot stand Florida. I'll leave it to everyone who loves those swamps and can handle the bizarro political scene.

      I'm strictly a blue-stater. As a side benefit, blue states tend to be more disability-accommodating.

      I have found out very much about New York. Albany county is fantastic. Good pay for PCA's and health/dental as well. Realistic assessments of hours needed by disabled persons living independently.

      Other counties differ wildly. Some think 30 hours/week are enough for quads living at home. These same nurses are amazed that there are quads without huge bedsores because, of course, their own patients are unhealthy due to inadequate care hours!

      Those same counties pay PCA's 8.50/hour. So for those in NYS, I recommend checking every single county. Rural pay for PCA's can be significantly higher, another way this state differs from most.


        I'm glad you found some promising information. Keep us informed on how you make out.

        I will agree Florida does have some downsides, but given my current situation, I'm better off here. If I were able-bodied there is no telling where I would live.