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Finally getting power chair for work!

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    Finally getting power chair for work!

    Hi Guys!

    Don has been back at his job as a senior test engineer with Lockheed for over 8 months now and his job involves bench testing which he has been unable to perform because he can't sit high enough in his manual chair.

    So.... we asked voc rehab to give him a chair and it was ordered about 10 months ago... well.... it's FINALLY at Craig rehab ready to be fitted next Friday!!! It's a Quantum 600 with an elevating seat and Don will finally be able to do all of his work at work!! We will transport the chair to his work site and leave it there... we can't use it in the house because there is not enough room and since voc rehab paid for it... it really should stay at work.

    Also... he is using a condom cath at nite and it seems to be working well.... he caths before bed and then when he wakes up in the AM... our bed has a memory foam overlay and he can be positioned and not have any pressure points to worry about... no more leaking, no more crankiness at least for the time being!

    He is a T11 complete and he's very independent now... we are slowly getting our relationship back on track... he was injured in May 2005 and it has been a LONG road... I just wanted to update you on this stuff...

    Thanks for all the support!


    Yay Sieg!! I'm so happy for you - and for Don. It's amazing how long it takes to get even the most obvious of accomodations made. I hope that the chair works well for him and I'm the Craig center folks will do a great fitting. Be prepared to go back several times in the first few weeks as his body settles into the chair. Our new chair came too but I'm not going to hijack your thread with our news, so keep it a secret k?

    Glad to hear your relationship is getting back on a more even keel too. Having come into my relationship with Chad far post-injury, I can't imagine how difficult that must be for you both. Hang in there!!!

    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager


      I am so thankful to read both of your posts.......... and I'm so glad voc rehab worked for you too. I know I would not be where I am today without voc rehab. granted it was hell sometimes, but every sweet relief of freedom, knowing how i lost it all after sci reminds me of how worth it it is to fight the good fight. good luck back on the job.

      oh yea, ps. a coworker keeps his chair at work too, dont think voc rehab pd but he can walk down to pkng garage to his car. use chair for getting around easier places
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