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    My brother Jeff is tentatively scheduled to be discharged from BM on July 20th. His rehab has been more difficult because of 2 UTIs & 2 bloodclots, but that's another story.
    I'm writing to see if there's anyone in the Boston area (he's in Newton) who can recommend builders, plumbers, contractors, etc. Also, if there's anyone willing to share their experience about what worked and what didn't in the home modification process. I imagine there are common pitfalls that I'm just not seeing. (He's C6/Complete.)
    Fortunately he owns a home. But it's got 3 floors & we're not even sure yet how to adapt it. It's not a wheelchair friendly place for sure. An elevator might be the "best" way for him to go, but hugely expensive & it must take a long time to get installed.
    Two OTs from BM came out yesterday & came up with some options, none of which look simple, quick. Shoulda started this process much sooner! The clock is starting to tick pretty loudly & we're not even sure what to do or whom to ask to do it!
    I've wondered if he wouldn't be better trying to sell his current home & buy something that's all on one floor. He's resistant to that idea. And buying/selling a home tends to be a lengthy process at best.
    He worked in downtown Boston & will eventually be able to return to work.
    What options, if any, are there in the Boston area, for living somewhere else while his home gets modified? or will he/we have to live there through the construction?
    This forum is so excellent. My thanks to all who make it possible. -M22

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    We had a renovations consultant we think the world of. Her name is Jackie Dobson, and I highly recommend her. She will visit the home and make recommendations adapted to your budget, and recommend reliable contractors. We too had a super inaccessible home in Boston. pm me if you want her number.