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Help! Screwed by Caregiver again! Desperate for a warm body by Monday 12 noon %#@*!!!

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    Help! Screwed by Caregiver again! Desperate for a warm body by Monday 12 noon %#@*!!!

    SCI--------Specifically, High Quadriplegia, the gift that keeps on giving.
    Caregiving: Can't live with them; Can't live without them!
    Translated in SCI terms: We high quads must endure tortured lives under the uncaring care from many self proclaimed Caregivers, yet, since there isn no possible way we can survive without them!
    My current person just confirmed he cannot help via his agency, or any others we've desperately called out to, in effort to replace himself to provide coverage by MONDAY, 5/29, when he leaves.
    I'm not Medicaid, don't qualify, I must pay cash, out of pocket, I'm in NY, I pay $120/day, plus $150/mo food stipend, plus private bed/bath/room/kitchenette as compensation for my care.
    My PCA leaves the country Monday, no ifs ands, or buts! The agency says 'sorry', the person they were 'hoping for' backed out last minute!
    Not the first time I've been screwed, just luck has ran out as well this time!

    What the F....k do I do?, no family can help, no use continued calling these Russian/Georgian/Polish agencies as it is now holiday weekend.

    Can I be admitted to local hospital?
    Ya gotta love this hell.
    Anybody, any suggestions, besides appliance cord ligiture?

    here in ga. i have to do a cost share type deal to get medicaid. but if you're able to pay 120 a day you're probly gettin WAY to much for that. i sympathize with ya an can't really think of anything to help. i depend on aides on a daily basis also plus i absolutely have to have medicaid to pay for these meds an dr's visits.....


      Hi Tim,

      Sorry to hear about your dilemma. What are you gonna do? Call 911? You don't have an emergency backup plan at all?

      You really need to have access to a couple PCA services just in case one falls flat.

      Speaking of uncaring caregivers I find that doctors are kinda the same way. I avoid doctors like the plague but sometimes we're forced to see one. Even if it's just to have paperwork filled out.

      I always had the impression that doctors really cared about their patients since they chose the medical field to make their vocation and whose purpose is to help people.

      From 2 years old and up until I needed a physical to get my driver's license at age 16 I (and my family) always had the same family doctor. He was a D.O. When I was 3 or 4 I had a bad case of the measles or something and had a terribly high fever. He (Dr. Mignone) made a house call and stayed all night rubbing me down with alcohol and using as much ice as our old refrigerator could produce to bring down the fever.

      I also remember on many ocassions of him making other house calls and he carried many of the medications with him (no mandatory pharmacy visit) and he really seemed to care. Back in the 60's not everyone had a car or two or three as many families have now. And he lived in and had his office in the same type of house that we lived in. In Levittown, PA. He wasn't out to get rich, he was there to help people. He charged no more to spend the night as a regular housecall which was like $5.00 or some very reasonable price.

      Now you visit a doctor and the first thing you see the are the big signs about making payments upfront, cash, credit card, insurance, Medicare etc and if you don't have any of these "entrance cards" you need to tell them that first. I guess if you don't fit exactly in the right category and have the ability to pay, off to the St. Elsewhere hospital ER you go. And if they decide to trust you and need to bill you that's an additional $10 fee. And it's all assembly line medical care and you get the rushed feeling and that you're taking up the doctor's valuable time and that they need to get on to the next patient to keep the full waiting room moving along.

      And they have no email address so that you might be able to communicate directly with the doctor and the front office is nothing more than a scrimmage line to shield the doctor from the patients.

      I remember good ol' Dr. Mignone calling my Mom to see how I was doing and asking if he was again needed to come out to the house. Since being SCI'd I've never had a doctor call me to see if the medication he/she had prescribed was working out or how I was feeling or getting along. Never... you can't even call them or get a call back. If you're lucky someone from the front office may be able to help but you better be sitting by the phone and answer it within the first 3 rings or you're SOL.

      I watch the Discovery Health channel and have seen some doctors there who you get the feeling actually care about the well being of their patients but many are probably just playing for the camera.

      Maybe I'm just a pessimist or have bad luck finding a good doctor.

      But I hope you're able to find some help over this holiday weekend. Even if it's in the ER or hospital ward. Don't be afraid to call 911 and get some type of help.

      Best of luck... you need something good to happen for you soon. I wish I could help ya out but that probably ain't in the cards. I'm way down here in Ocala and you're way up there in Tallahassee?? I gotta an empty backroom but lately the dog has been using that as her personal latrine. The bitch!

      Let us know how things work out.
      "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria



        Are there any other agencies in the area? If the worst came to worst can you call any family members/friends? Churches you can call?



          If you go to this site I know they will help you. If there is not an office close to you it would be worth it traveling to nearest one. Hope this helps . Roz

          I know of alot of people who havea gotten help here.

          Just looked there are alot of offices in NY :

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            Hello Tim,

            I wish I had an answer for you but I don't. If all else fails, 911.
            The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom
            --General George Patton

            Complex problems need to be solved collectively.
            ––Paul Nussbaum


              Bob, I sooooooo agree with you on doctors. My father was one of those old type country docs, general practice. He also had an orthopeadic practice but he never lost his old style. He made housecalls, used commn sense, did not send you to a specialist for every burp and squeek. He took care of it, unless there was a real problem he could not handle. I miss him badly, and that styke if medical practice.
              Disability is not a medical problem with social issues, but rather a social problem with medical issues.
              Franklin D. Rosevelt