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    Dam it

    Originally posted by rebus6
    Thank you for your replies. Have not been able to post alot has happened. Found that son J and girlfriend A (22 yr old brother of sci son R 29 yr old)were also on drugs but wanted to quit. I drove all three from AL to Detroit for rapid detox.R was put to sleep to detox then sedated for three days in motel room, drove them all back on third day. Can't began to tell anyone what that was like, the physical withdrawal from opiates is hell. J & A are doing great with recovery. R went out the very next day and injected cocaine! Went on a binge after that and ended up in a fight with youngest son, both went to jail for domestic violence. I know that R has mental and emotional problems has been treated in the past. I had him committed through the court for more suicide talk. We were suppose to have a hearing today but since the hosp. he went to really was not equip.for para pts. the dr. let him out yesterday and after a single 20 min. session said all he needs is outpt. care to start JULY 20! Husband wants him out of our home NOW! Can not get any of these family members to understand that R's problems ARE not because he is bad guy and the sci is a direct result of the mental issues!!! The stupid priv. laws and his age prevent me from being able to do much else except to live in hell with husband that hates my child even though I have raised his. I have been told to prepare for my son's death and the psych. nurse told me that if he is intent on killing himself I can't stop him.Don't really know where this will end up, just taking it a day at the time. My ins. is cancelled due to can't afford it so thearpy is out. Thanks for all the support!!!!!Prayers are appreciated!!!!
    Apply for free care at the closesest, biggest and most prestigious hospital. Contact Social Work Department and fight!!!!!! Explain your son is being denied healthcare.


      I don't know what other suggestions to make, but I believe you may need to "Baker Act" him....He's a danger to himself....Unfortunately this is harsh and may really have some unpleasant legal ramifications, but the truth of the matter is, it's the only way that he's going to be safe. I'm glad that his bro & gf are doing well. I can't imagine what you went through with that detox. Keep coming back here and talking to us, let us know what's going on.
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        Can relate

        I tried to post a message earlier, but it was lost because I was told I was not logged in (for the second time today - after I logged on). Is there a time limit on how long you can be logged on before you have to log in again or something?

        Anyway, I can relate to your problems. Am praying for you. You have a similar situation to mine and my mother's. My brother's drug problems inadvertly caused his beating that resulted in his SCI. I sometimes feel like he's caused my life (at 50) to be disrupted and not at all like I planned it. My mother has indicated similar feelings as her "golden" years were messed up bad. She weeps at the drop of the hat and has lost at least 40 lbs. since my brother's injury. She is a trooper, though. She stays with him day and night if necessary. I've hired sitters to stay in her stead when I can't stay myself so she can get much needed rest. She would drop dead trying to assist him. I used to be like her until I woke up one day physically and emotionally drained with no energy left for myself. I decided to TAKE time for myself and my life once again. It has been 2 years since my brother's injury. My and my mother's lives have been put on "hold" for 2 years now at our own doing. I've just recently started seeing a counselor to help me cope with caregiving details. I've also started leaving him by himself for a couple hours or so between sitters to try to encourage some independence. He's sometimes like a spoiled brat and I've let him do things to me verbally and emotionally that I would never let anybody else due to his condition. I've stopped that too. I tell him like I truly feel these days, resulting in may sibling fights. He tells mom on me just like a small child. Reminds me of our childhood.
        You must take time for yourself. My brother is a C-4/C-5 incomplete quad. He required 24/7 care, but can manage on his own for a few hours a day. You need to give yourself a break like I have tried to start doing.
        I can relate to you.
        Know this, you are not alone in your situation. There are other like you who have managed to keep their right minds and given all they can give in a situation like this. It can be managed and done, but take much time and energy. We get tired and disgusted, but we will prevail for our loved ones need our stamina. You can do it. Hang in there. I'll be praying for you, too, as God has given me much patience, kindness and longsuffering these days when I needed it most. He will do it for you, too.
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          You still have a life and your son as well

          I was injured at 20. Moma was 37. I will not be a burden to anyone. I moved into my own apartment with an attendant after 1st month at home. I'm a high functioning quad. Your son will have a life (T4) after recovery and so will you. Just hang in there and be supportive. Everyone make's mistakes in life.
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