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Dr. Young/ or anyone Need your help!!

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  • Dr. Young/ or anyone Need your help!!

    Hello Dr. Young,
    I need your help!! My husband and I are very upset, we went to see his pain management doctor and he gave us a very very hard time about the amount of pain medication my husband is taking. It's not too much he only takes an extra pill when the pain is severe, but the doctor told us he maynot give us any more prescription.
    My question for you is can you recommend another pain management doctor in queens, or nassau county (long island) that we can talk to. Maybe they will understand what my husband is going through. This doctor I think doesn't deal with people with sci.
    We live in Flushing, Queens, NY
    Or if any one out there knows of another doctor we can call upon, this would help my husband and I a great deal. The emotional pain is killing us, everytime we have to go there we never know what he will say and this makes for a very stressful visit. Please answer asap.

    Thank you,

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    Marianne ... I've copied your question to this forum .... hoping to double your chances for a timely response! I'm in Canada so can't be much help but I totally get/ understand your frustration. Best of luck!

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