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    Spouse Of A Sci

    I am new to this site. My husband had spinal cord surgery alittle over two years. If he did not have the surgery he was told he could become paralazyed. Well he had the surgery and he is not much better, his walking is getting worse even the cane is a problem, There are times the pain is so bad that he falls to the floor, I can't help him all he wants is to be left alone and to get his pain medication. I feel helpless I just stand there and cry because I know there is nothing I can do. Sometimes he gets angry with me and I forget myself and yell back, then I feel really bad. I know it's not him it's the pain making him angry. We now both go for counseling and I feel it is helping us both. What I am scared about is that I don't know where this is leading, he is now having trouble going to the bathroom and it seems everyday is something else happening to him. The doctors have no answers we even took more MRI's upper and lower but everything looks good, so where else do we go for help/answers ?
    Thank you for listening.

    Sorry to hear that.

    Although I can't really give you any answers to your problems, I am sure someone on this site will be able to. I post questions all the time and get almost immediate responses.

    I've been back to these forums numerous times. Seems that everyone hear has a big heart and are willing to help. You found the right place for answers.

    I'm sure if you check back by morning, you will have some replies.

    Sorry I can't be of any more help.



      Thank You

      Thank you Mark,
      It really helps to know their are people out there who really understand the pain and helpness we go through.
      Again thank you for your reply.
      Have a nice day



        Hi - I am a SCI spouse too. What level is your husband's injury? And what kind of pain does he have? Burning, tingling, sharp, stabbing, ?? The type of pain will dictate the approach to trying to treat it. What has his doctor(s) said about the pain? I hope you're able to find answers soon. Sending support to you,

        Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager



          Hi, Thank you for your reply. His surgery was the upper neck. The bone was pressing on the spine without surgery he would become paralyzed. He is not in a wheel chair walks with a cane, with great difficulty. The pain is in his legs, yes he has the burning, tingling and so fourth in his arms and legs. The pain is so bad at times that he falls to the floor. The doctors don't have much to say except this is what it will be for him. He is on alot of pain medications but the pain management is giving us a hard time about how much he is taking. They just don't get it, if he is in pain then he needs to take more. Why can't they just listen to us and let him take what he needs to feel less pain. We may have to find another pain management that will understand.
          I know you must be going through tougher times than me, but I am here if you need to talk- Try to have a nice day!