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Terminated by my Home Health Agency

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    Terminated by my Home Health Agency

    Doctors Memorial Hospital Home Health Agency,(DMHHHA)

    Please forgive the long post. Comments,Suggestions,please.

    I am a 49 y.o. man with a spinal cord injury sustained in 1994 from a diving accident at Waldo Springs in Perry,Fl c-6 quad
    I've been with DMHHHA for ten years.The first week of September,05 i developed a skin tear under my scrotum which developed into a stage four decubitis within two weeks. My nurse addressed the issue until it was determined that i required Wound Vac Therapy,which could be applied at home. The necessary supplies were ordered and i received them at my home. My nurse,(Janine D.)determined i needed the wound debrided and requested to Dr.AFSH at Premier Medical that i be admitted to DMH for six days until my scheduled appointment on 9-22-05 at Capitol Regional Wound Care Center in Tallahassee to be evaluated by the vascular surgeon. I was transported by EMT to the emergency room at DMH on 9-16-05 for evaluation and possible debridement of wound and admittance to DMH. Dr.on call at ER was Dr.Mulvanney who (IS) a vascular surgeon. Dr. Mulvanney is also on staff at DMH.
    Dr. Mulvanney's words to me and my son who was present,was my wound did not need debridement, and there was no need to admit me to DMH for six days. Dr. Mulvanney wrote orders to begin WVT at home. My nurse rejected his orders and continued to dress my wound at my home daily while waiting on my appointment at CRWCC. I rode Big Bend Transit in my wheelchair to Tallahassee on 9-22-05 with my daughter who is a Certified Nurses Assistant. Please keep in mind that all this time that i'm sitting on an open wound,which is causing me to feel very ill.
    Dr. Gupda at CRWWC,who is a Wound Care Specialist,(vascular surgeon) examined my wound and determined that the wound did not require debridement. Dr. Gupda faxed orders to Premier Medical in Perry. On the morning of 9-23-05 received phone call at home from Premier Medical for me to call EMT to transport me back to ER at DMH for possible debridement of my wound.
    Dr. on call at the ER at DMH was once again, Dr. Mulvanney who once again examined my wound,and told me he was upset that his original orders were rejected and no debridement was necessary.Dr.Abdou of Premiere Medical ordered me admitted to DMH on the same day of 9-23-05.
    DMH ordered the Wound Vac Therapy which arrived on 9-25-05 and was applied to my wound,SANS, NO DEBRIDEMENT OF SAID WOUND. I'm have a seal on my wound with a five foot tube connected to an air pump that drains fluids from my wound into a collection canister. WVT was removed from my wound in DMH on 9-26-05 released from DMH on 9-26-05 with Dr. Abdou's orders to continue WVT at home. On the morning of 9-27-05 received a phone call from Gentiva Health Services in Tallahassee, saying they had been referred by Dr. Abdou of Premier Medical to start my WVT.
    I called DMHHHA,and was told i was terminated for past non-compliance. DMHHHA. Was told once i enter a hospital DMHHHA is under no obligation to take me back. DMHHHA has no appeal process,so i was told. Gentiva explained once i accepted them i couldn't appeal anyway. End of story.....DMHHHA has tried to terminate me for years,because according to them i'm high mainteance and cost them money,even though i have Medicare/ Medicare.
    I accepted Gentiva under duress. I've suffered greatly through the years of my injury and i've taken great strides as a Christian to accept the Lords will for my life,and i truly believe DMHHHA orchastrated a plan to finally terminate me to lower their costs. I've been healthy and have managed to stay out of the hospital if at all possible for five and one half years. DMHHHA finally succeded.


    William Spivey Jr.
    Perry, Fl

    Hi William,

    Sorry to hear all that you've been through. And now they're throwing salt into the wound (no pun...) by tossing you out of the DMHHHA. Have they no mercy?

    It seems to me as though you got caught up in a medical power play between a few doctors (Dr. Afsh, Dr. Mulvanney, Dr. Gupda and Dr. Abdou) and ended up the loser. And that DMHHHA took the opportunity to cull an expensive bull from the herd so they could "cherry pick" a healthier and more profitable patient. So what's new eh? It's hard to believe that you have no legal recourse since DMHHHA accepts Medicare money. One would think (hope) that before they toss you out on your ear that you at least be given time to look around for another medical program or HMO or whatever they're called. From what I gather it seems that Gentiva is the "St. Elsewhere" of HMOs. Are you sure that Gentiva isn't as good (or perhaps better) than DMHHHA? I have no clue about these different types of HMOs or whatever as I'm on Medicare too but still opt for the "fee for service" plan.

    You could always call a lawyer who specializes in Medicare and related fields and inquire there. Or call Medicare itself. Or call your Federal representative and senators. Hopefully one of them will be on a Medicare or medical related committee and you'll get an informed response and perhaps even a sympathetic ear. One call from them to DMHHHA will probably be enough to have them re-evaluate your case.
    I rode Big Bend Transit in my wheelchair to Tallahassee on 9-22-05 with my daughter who is a Certified Nurses Assistant. Please keep in mind that all this time that i'm sitting on an open wound, which is causing me to feel very ill.
    Wouldn't you just love to have them go through this indignity and suffering for just one day.... let alone a lifetime!

    I wish you the best William.
    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria



      Thanks for reply. Seeking legal counsel as we speak.