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  • what a weekend!

    Sheesh, what a great time I had this past weekend, the hangover is finally gone and I'm coming up for fresh air. It all started when my friend from high school (class of 196frickin'eight) came back to Madison for a few gigs here in Madison, she has been a singer of local repute for many years. She is the one I shared a few apartments and good times with, the one who called me in the waiting room of the ICU where Jim was after 15 years and slept on the waiting room couch next to mine, who helped me take Jim home and stayed for 3 weeks just to be there for me, the one who hitch hiked to Colorado with me when we were young, poor and adventurous, the one I can call and just sigh to and she just listens. Well, I invited 2 of Jim's friends to have a boy's night in, bought them pizza and beer and went to the club to watch her sing--she still has IT. It was the first time in 5 years I had been out clubbin, Jim was so cute, helped me decide what to wear, tried to give me money for a cocktail and told me not to come home too early. The club is downstairs so he couldn't go. Then the next night she played in a club in our hometown. Also steps involved but said screw it we'll figure it out. I helped Jim into the manual chair, found the long lost tie dwns and off we go, after major primping of course. When we got there many of the girls I hung with in high school were there and without a word they rushed out and just helped me lift him up the stairs, chair and all. Jim and I were only a year apart so we knew all the same people, in fact, he used to make specific suggestions on whom to invite for slumber parties so he could flirt. Well here we are, Jim surrounded by about 10 women, all leaning their cleavage over him and buying him drinks and dancing with him--it was just just awful for him---NOT!!! So around about midnight I drive him home and get his routine done and settled and get back in the car to go back to meet the girls. Can you believe it, we had an old fashioned slumber party!! Oh, the tales that were told! Sippin' wine, gorging on chocolate, smokin' and talkin' smart. It was the best time and, we solved all the word's problems in short order of course. At 4:30 I came back home to turn Jim, being real sneaky quiet, tiptoeing in and he starts yelling-HEY, get in here and tell me all about it, he got such a kick out of it- a slumber party for heavens sake. By noon the next day my head was pounding a wee bit , but I had promised my friend that I would meet her at our combined storage unit to go through and weed some boxes out. Well, we're there pissin' and moanin' about how we are too old for these late nites when I noticed an old, old electric guitar sitting almost behind some boxes and asked where she had gotten it, if it still worked. She said she has been holding it for a friend that moved to North Carolina years ago, that it was passed on to him from CHRISTOPHER REEVE!! Evidently he and Reeve had played in a garage band when they were young bucks and Reeve had played lead guitar. I just looked at her in shock, Reeve was a major source of strength for Jim when he came out of his coma. So, now that I am recovered from all the socializin' I have to say-Ain't life funny? Slumber parties, guitars and old friends--you just never know what can happen sometimes! Deb

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    That sounded like a blast. I bet it was nice seeing old friends. Did that whole deal this summer and was so great seeing some people. We didn't want to part ways again. They are still begging me to come visit them down south. We'll see.... You are a great sister. Tell Jim hi for me.
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      I love every single word of his story. Thanks. Sure glad you had fun, you deserve lots and lots of fun.
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        Man, Deb, I can feel your high from you still! Sounds like you all had an amazing time. We don't get to hear the crazy wild hippy lilsister on here often enough... (how come I imagine this is just the tip if the iceburg on your former life?? Deb in the 60s and 70's..... now that would be some scandelous book!)

        Was great for you and Jim, huh .... it's really neat whenever I read about your relationship. Usually leaves me smiling


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          So sorry you're having such a tough time in Wisconsin!


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            It's funny, I usually don't post that much but had a strong urge to share. And you are sooo right Chick-those were wild times. I am amazed sometimes that not only am I still alive but also leading a charmed life. Just within the last year I feel like I'm becoming a grown-up. Jim and I close tomorrow on our new house!!!!!!!!! So now I'm off to the Champagne store because we will be celebrating our good fortune in the appropriate manner. The accessability remodeling starts next week, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

            Novie, I told Jim hello for you--he asked if you were the pretty girl with the gorgeous long hair and tiny waist!

            Thanks Betheny.

            Marm, what can I say, I just threw out the pits and am gorging on the cherries.


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              Originally posted by lilsister
              Marm, what can I say, I just threw out the pits and am gorging on the cherries.

              Truly and absolutely loved your story Deb .... I have a feeling there's a not so secret sisterhood of caregiving party animal throwbacks from the '60's-70's ish hangin' out here in the Sanctuary ... and some of them have that cherry juice dripin' offin' our ... 'er I mean their faces just every now and again ...

              Actually had a similar type experience sharing a weekend with some of the sisters at the "Harvest Moon" fest (my kids call it "Hippie Fest" ) we hold here on the lonseome prairie every year and I really must say .. it was a howlin' good time .... and only 20 mins. from home ... quesadias (sp?) over the open fire, bruchetta over the open fire ... lots of snacks, completely superb music and of course plenty of the now infamous chardonnay and it didn't seem to matter we could see our breathe by the end of the night ... it was tonic for the soul ... fuels my fire to keep on keepin' on ....

              By the way that's a very cool story about the guitar ... you're right life is definitely funny sometimes ...
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                Deb - What an awesome story!!! You had me smiling, laughing and cryin a few tears of joy for you. Yes, you so deserve it!

                Congrats on the new house and my best to you and Jim


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                  That was just an awesome story. I've never met you, but I can see your smile from Sydney! If you and your 10 girlfriends are ever touring, let me know.

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                    it was so good to read you had such a lovely time
                    you know spending quality time with your long lost friend is a wonderful experience
                    you cant miss it at all and all the moments remain etched in our memories for a long time only to be savoured later