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Being on crutches put a crimp in caregiving...!

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    If you are reading, and I hope you are please let me add a few things from my heart and not as a nurse or anything other than me. 19 months ago I was strong too. I was never in the habit of transferring anyone alone, although I could have physically and I always relied on that knowledge. Sometimes when we are hands on taking care of people, especially a family member, we can be protective of our ways...even KLD is about her mom, and dad, as I am about mine, and the children. I am so impressed with you, and I actually think of you at times because you seem so energetic. One day 19 months ago I started a patient transfer from chair to bed with another person, and due to some negligence on her part and maybe some malfunction, I was placed in the position of having to protect this head bleed patient from a fall that could have been fatal. Even with what was judged to be excellent body mechanics I am now diagnosed with a permanent level of neurological damage and deficits. My life has changed, as has my ability to do the job I loved and protected. I had to make so many changes as a result of even doing something correctly, that I wanted you to know that as KLD just never know. She is smart enough to say that you should protect your back. I say the same thing. No one can tell you how, just know that for some of us the day came and we cannot go back and get what we had before. Well, thats all I have to say except that I respect and care about you , and I really think KLD had your best interests at heart, and I have purposed to myself to meet her one day so that I can have a better dimension of who she is because I have truly learned some serious kick ass nursing from her determined writing. Best wishes my friend.....and for Chad as well...

    Blessings ....Mary