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    I need support here

    Folks, I am reaching out here in distress. I messed up really bad when changing the catheter for my quad, pee got everywhere, had to change the sheets, and of course my guy had to go to bed later than planned. I held it together, but he could probably tell I was rattled. He was nice about it, told me to stop saying sorry. I’ve just been eating a shit sandwich here lately with my life, and the catheter is the straw that broke me. I’m upset that I messed up and also that I got emotional about it. I want to do better, I promise, just feeling really inadequate and not enough over here. Just wish I was tougher. Please help me get tougher. I’m just really sorry.

    We all make mistakes. We're human and that's how we learn. Don't be so hard on yourself. And be thankful that your client is understanding.


      check out the wags group on facebook. its a closed group for wives/girlfriends of SCI to share and support.


        Honestly, I think you have nothing to apologize for. Mistakes happen. We all screw up once in a while.

        I am sure if all of us on this platform spoke up about catheter and incontinence accidents we have had it would take forever to go through.

        As someone with a spinal injury, we really appreciate what our caregivers do for us. And that in this case there was an accident, that you took the time to clean up and make your client comfortable again speaks volumes about what a supportive and kind person you are. This is irrespective of your professional commitment to your client.

        There is always a first time. We learn from things like this. It may happen in the future and if it does it is something that can be fixed.

        Nothing irreversible happened. The sheets can be cleaned. Your client can catch up on his sleep.

        If anything, if I was in your client's position I would trust you even more to help in complicated situations.

        Thank you for your help! And please do not lose sleep over this. :-)