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What Caregivers Want the "Pros" to know

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    What Caregivers Want the "Pros" to know

    To my dear Care Cure Community family...

    I have been contacted by an Occupational Therapy doctorate student.

    She is in the final phases of her thesis presentation and working on creating a couple videos for a national spinal association. Since I was a caregiver for 38 years, she is interested in my caregiving/coping skills.

    Obviously, I have some ideas from the perspective of the life that I shared with my dear one GJ. But, I know that my experience as a caregiver was different from others who are or have been caregivers to loved ones with a spinal cord injury, especially a significant other.

    She has asked you have some golden nuggets of wisdom to share as a spouse/caregiver. I would love to hear your caregiver golden nuggets and include your ideas in the video we may produce.

    I can't think of a better group to ask this question. I would love to hear from caregivers/spouses and those who are cared for by a spouse/caregiver. What makes it work? How do you care for yourself? How do you give each other care?

    I know this may be a sensitive topic, so you don't need to respond publicly. Send me a Private Message. I will monitor my PMs.

    Thanks for your insights.

    Warmest best,