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Screening potential caregivers in light of C-19

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    Screening potential caregivers in light of C-19

    I have to hire a new caregiver to replace one who will be leaving to care for her parents. Can we ask applicants to provide proof of having taken a recent Covid-19 test? What else can we do to find "safe" caregivers these days?

    You can choose to make hiring contingent on having a Covid-19 test and await the results before confirming a start date.

    The problem with current Covid-19 testing is that if someone were to test negative for COVID-19 today, they can retest positive at a later date depending on when they were initially exposed or if they got exposed sometime after the initial testing was completed.

    All a negative Covid-19 test means is that the person probably was not infected at the time the swab was collected. It does not mean the person won't get sick or test positive in the future.

    Checking their temperature with a forehead thermometer before shift begins might be something to consider.

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      Thanks 2d. Things do not get easier, do they?


        My biggest fear, which may have to be dealt with soon, is the interviewing process. I private hire and typically advertise in several local newspapers and weekly news magazines. It is not uncommon to get 50 phone calls. From that I can perhaps narrow it down to 5-10 candidates, who will need to be met in person. I will knock out several in a day, separating them by an hour. I cannot sit around in some public place for several hours waiting for these interviews. I do it in my home. I will not do it in my parents house, as that is not the location of work. My library isn't even open, except for limited browsing.

        Which leaves me having to let strangers in my home. If one lets them know on the phone that a mask will be required and you do not have physical contact with them, such as shaking a hand, in addition to maintaining some separation, there is probably minimal risk. I typically give them a clipboard with some printed forms to fill out. You can tell them to bring their own pen were wiped down the pen and clipboard after they leave. In addition, wipe down any door handles and doorbell they may touched after they leave.

        Lastly, it is probably best if there are minimal others around when the meeting is done.