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Put a camera in the room in plain site I loved seeing home.

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    Put a camera in the room in plain site I loved seeing home.

    I was reading many threads about care and it made me think. I was just in the hospital for a 3 week stay and I loved being able to check in at home life from my phone/PC. That little connection was priceless.
    What would be the difference if family wanted to check in on your loved one. 1st it doesn't have to be hidden and I would recommend everyone knowing it is there. I found my mom got better care because family was there everyday so nothing was getting over on us. This was many years ago before cameras can just plug in and connect WiFi. If staff knows mom is suppose to get her medication or turned every so often. I think staff are going to do it more knowing they might be watched and held responsible. Today the possibilities are endless. Hope this helps someone as it helped me.

    If you’re asking if someone should put a camera in their home while they are in the hospital I can see that being reassuring. If you’re talking about someone putting a camera in their loved ones hospital room, it’s certainly not going to be in plain sight. Hospitals (at least in the US) won’t allow you to film due to liability.

    Even “good” hospitalizations like births, you aren’t allowed to film (even from the non-business end of the bed), and you’ll be removed from the room if you try to film your wife while she is giving birth and don’t stop when they tell you to.