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Nursing Home Aides Won't Help My Mom Get into Her Wheelchair

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  • Nursing Home Aides Won't Help My Mom Get into Her Wheelchair

    My mom just moved to a new nursing home. We thought this would be a good move because this one is closer for my dad. This is a non-profit nursing home, and my mom is there via Medicaid. Anyways, many times the aides are refusing to put her on her power wheelchair because they are short staffed. So one aide will say wait for the next shift. Next shift comes and they just give the same story of not enough people to help get her in the chair. Is this legal??? I'm thinking what if there is an emergency? Or what if she had an appointment somewhere? My parents are fearful if they complain they will just tell them her level of care is too much for them to handle so they have to leave (and who knows where the next place is that will accept my mom). Not sure how to approach them with this. Any help appreciated. TIA!

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    I would think not putting her in her wheelchair would equate to a form of restraint and they are not allowed to do that in any way shape or form. Not sure how to advise you to proceed. Did they not know the level of care your Mom would need before admitting her? How long can your mom stay up in the chair at a time? When employment is up care facilities suffer as far as staffing goes. That said they should not take on more than they are able to provide care for. On one level you teach people how to treat you. I understand not wanting to be too pushy and maybe someone here with experance dealing with care facilities will have some advice on what to say and to whom.


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      Has her doctor written an order for her to be up in her chair X number of hours daily? Have you talked to the head nurse or director of nurses? To the Ombudsman? Do they not have a mechanical lift with which to transfer her?
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