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Fear of Retaliation from Nursing Home Complaint

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    The state Representative for the district the facility is located in, might be someone you could reach out to. Politicians love publicity. Having him/her visit your mom would be a feather in everyone's hat, except the facility. Nursing home abuse is high on the list for a lot of states.
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      Unless your mother is paying out of pocket, I seriously doubt the situation will get better. Where was your mother staying before this nursing home? Is there no way to have her home, with family or at least other trusted people?


        Never threaten anyone, it makes you the prime suspect if any harm comes to that person(s).
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        What about your mom having an air pulse mattress. My wife recently spent time in a short term rehab facility and they provided this after some negotiation. It might meet your mom's needs. She might not then need to be turned by some overworked, under trained, maybe aide. I really think you may need to let the nursing home know you have a lawyer and if something bad happens they will see you in court. The administrators of the facility may be more easily intimidated by you and as to the unmotivated, perhaps uncaring aide you may want to confront that person and let her know bad things can happen to people at the end of their shift in a dark parking lot