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    My attendant care coverage is currently provided through the state, in which I have both an agency and consumer option (through PPL). I have been considering moving away from the agency option, and hiring more attendants under the consumer option. However, a question that I have is that one of my attendants, who is currently employed by the agency, also works under the consumer option program for another individual. I know often agencies have "no compete clauses", but in this case if the attendant is already employed under the consumer option program (but for a different client), if I were to drop the agency, would I be able to employ him/her under the consumer option?

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    A friend started this company, maybe you can get some info-


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      Hey landrover- May vary state to state but here is how I would handle that in Minnesota. You would have to become a client of the agency that employs the attendant you want to hire. Once you are signed on with this agency they would service the accounts of all of your future consumer option PCA hires.

      This is a nice situation because the PCA has already done all the paperwork to work for the agency they are aligned with. The timeline for them to actually start working for you is faster and easier for all. Again, I'm in Minnesota so you might want to check with some PA locals.


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        Thanks! I am already connected to both programs. My concern is more on my attendant's end, if I were to leave the one agency and use the same attendant through the consumer option, would the agency cry foul.