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What's your level of injury and how much you spend on home healthcare a year?

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  • What's your level of injury and how much you spend on home healthcare a year?

    Have never had home healthcare since breaking my neck. Always got by with a little help from my friends, who are now getting older and fewer.

    My best friend who I met at the bus stop on the first day of high school helps me quite a bit. I'm very good at managing money, He is not. I have no problem doing this for him because he is help me out since I broke my neck as a matter of fact he was there when did it.

    He is dropped off take out food for me and never charge me for the meal itself so I have bought him some large dollar amounts like a new roof for his house.

    So as a C6 quadriplegia as a frame of reference for me how much do you pay annually in home healthcare? Know everybody's injury is different, and subsequently their needs are different, but what is your level of injury and how much deduct on your taxes or spend if you don't itemize?

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    Doesn't anybody here file a tax return and deduct medical expenses?

    The Cost of Home Care

    individuals who need daily help getting dressed, bathing, cooking and carrying out other day-to-day activities but don't necessarily need regular medical care may be best suited for a home health aide. In 2013, a professional caregiver cost American families on average about $29,600 each year - or roughly $19 per hour. Additionally, the cost of an aide is only rising by 1.3 percent yearly, meaning that families can budget ahead securely.


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      My son spends about $21,000 a year. $58 every morning (2 hrs). It's a lot of money, but he has 2 really good helpers that rotate days, honest and dependable. Worth every penny ! Hope this helps.


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        rule of thumb 5 hrs a week 12 hr if I have emercemcy I pay her double is there spell check on this thing c 6 c7


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          T-3, M-F 11 hrs a week $33 an hour. She comes all holidays except Christmas. Have needed her one Sunday for about an hour $50 bonus. My husband retired last January, but we decided to keep her to avoid burn-out on his part. So far we have been able to afford to keep her inspite of being on fixed income.


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            C3 vented 24 hr per day plus 9 hrs double up cover for bowels, shower, FES bike, cooking and feeding plus other jobs I can't do. Paid for from UK NHS Continuing Health Care, annual bill $250,000 to care provider who provide support and nurses etc.


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              c6-about 50k/yr while healthy for am/pm care, 7 days, several persons

              now after 30 yrs and losing all independence, including overnight by myself, well....

              i'm wondering how long i'll live and how to pay for it

              eventually when i'm broke i'll go on Medicaid


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                C 4/5 for 32 years and counting age 51 annual income roughly 20,000 attendant care is my niece for 1 hour in the AM at $15.00 an hour. Plus my 80 year old mother morning and night at no cost praise the lord she is in good health. However I know one day hopefully later than sooner I going to run into that brick wall and I don't know what I will do at that point! My siblings tell me not to worry that I will be taken care of however not that its rocket science I don't think that they fully grasp that it's a seven day a week job 365.. So I'm not sure what I will do at that point.. Sorry about being a downer, take care Chris
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