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A sad week

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  • A sad week

    I have 3 great PCAs right now. One of them has been having some transient pains and other weird symptoms the past few month. She has been a real go getter. Besides being a single mom with 2 teenage daughters she has worked fulltime jobs and has been assisting me a few evenings a month. She has worked her way up from a CNA to her current job as the office manager for a family practice with a half dozen MDs. On the side she has become a licensed radiology technician. She is bright, responsible. and has a great sense of humor. One of the MDs finally persuaded her to Undergo a thorough medial examination. The results of all the lab tests, imagining, etc are back. She has a firm diagnosis of M.S. What a bummer.

    On top of that I just got a call from the niece of a nurse and friend from my early rehab days in the 1960s. She was my KLD back then. She took it upon herself to unofficially adopt me and become my second mother. Anyhow, she died today. She was 91 so it was no surprise. But she will be missed. She spent all her adult life caring for others. I hope that goes on her tombstone.
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    Wow, this was a sad week for you! I'm so sorry!!


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      What a crap week! So sorry!
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        So sad for you. One of the worst things about growing old is the friends and family that you loose along the way. You never get over missing them either. I am sure you were a star in that nurse's life. Have some consolation in that.

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          I'm sorry this has been a week of such bad news and sorrow. Losing your nurse friend, even at age 91, is a terrible jolt. I hope that your PCA will have a slow course with MS, with long periods of remittance.
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