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Basal ganglia hemorrhage and long term care

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  • Basal ganglia hemorrhage and long term care

    Hi all! My mom had a severe intercerebral hemorrhage requiring multiple brain surgeries in 2004 at the age of 50. This injury has left her with full paralysis (limited motion of her head and right arm only) and neurological eye problems. In just a few days it will be the 11th year of her being in her wheel chair. I'm hearing her complain more and more about her "ass" killing her and I notice her legs cramping and stiffening more frequently as well. With my father no longer around, and her fast approaching her 62nd birthday...I'm wondering what can I do to make her more comfortable?! The girls that work with her are amazing, and are all considered family, but have no prior experience in this line of work. We've all kind of learned together over time! question: what advice would you give (products, remedies, exercises, chants..anything!) to help her be a little more comfortable in her chair and in her bed at night. She requires 24/7 care, but is at home. We're making it check to check so any thrifty ideas are especially appreciated.. Thanks in advance!