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    I'm currently living in with my father but taking care of me has become hard on him, and we drive two hours every day to go to physio so I want to move closer to Toronto. I get $6000 a month for attendant care I require caths morning and night, showering and bowel care every other day and a drive to physiotherapy Mon-fri from 3-5. I'm a C-5 C6 so I also need three meals a day my water filled and I use a condom catheter was always has a risk of coming off What do I do how do I go about this?

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    I suspect you know the logistics that go along with finding housing and attendant care. I would think about where I might want to re-locate first. Do you want to live in Toronto or outside of the city? Also do you want to live alone or share housing? I would recommend researching the housing market and see what is affordable for your budget. Economics always plays a huge part in housing. Do you have a budget for housing?


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      What about CCAC (Community Care Access Centre) or APPD if you have it up there (Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities). I don't qualify for either because I can bathe and dress myself but you would!

      Or I often see ads on with PSW's looking for work (Personal Support Workers). Or place an ad looking for one in your local newspaper? There's bound to be a former nurse who's now a mother with grown children looking for work?
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        When you start looking for person to assist you, do not forget the other things you need this person to do. There are household chores that also need to be performed. You will need cleaning and laundry done, shopping, etc,

        When looking for a place to live, is transit a viable option for you? Could you go to therapy and back alone if transit is available? There are many factors to consider. One of the issues I have had with trying to replace myself as my son's caregiver is transportation. No agency will allow there person to drive your vehicle (forget finding someone who can transport a power chair) and my insurance company has to look at the record of anyone I hire (plus jack up my rate). Public transit is not an option for us but in Toronto is should be a workable option for you.--eak
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          You could start with the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto ( They were helpful to me with accessible housing and PCAs when I was just starting out to live independently.

          These days I still use some attendant help (less than I used to) and I hire directly. Kijiji is okay but you have to be specific about your needs (your description in the OP is a great start) and sift through many responses. I also find attendants through local community college students and private colleges (e.g., George Brown and Everest) that offer programs for "personal support workers". You get a lot of turnover and will get experienced at managing and scheduling. Good luck.


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            Are you still looking?