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Why do some of some of the dumbest people chose

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    In the morning they send women only, but at night they have only men (for THEIR safety), but it's o.k. because they just help me into bed, no too personal contact. With this particular guy I managed to deescalate. I think he himself gets abused and it's sad enough he doesn't remove himself from that situation at home. He seems quite insane, can't look you in the eyes and tells stories he would compose like Bach and symphonies like Schubert or Bruckner. Me as a musicologist he can't fool. I use humor for defense: put a little umbrella from an old doll over my bed, meaning to protect myself from his verbal spitting. Don't know if he even got the joke. And I ask him about his "symphonies" and it always comes to the point when it's clear he imitates a single melody on his keybord. But why do these people choose that profession??


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      Maybe this will answer your question about some care givers....

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      Good luck.
      ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne


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        oh ms regine, this person sounds unbalanced. if only you could just tell the person in charge you simply feel unsafe with him. he has a temper. they should send someone else.

        I know if I don't take my clothes out of the washer right away, in the summer months, they get into the dryer, and you don't smell the mildew smell until you wear them for a few minutes. I hate that because you don't always smell it until you are wearing it. then you have to use bleach to get the smell out of the washer. It sounds like he leaves his clothes in the washer too long and they get that nasty smell.

        you probably don't smell. He probably just said that to lash out at you.

        I guess if you can't get him to understand and you cant get another person, you can put some febreeze near you and spray it as soon as he goes so his smell doesn't linger so long. you can spray it just before he comes over too so his smell doesn't permeate the whole room. I like the fresh linen smell the best because it isn't too perfumed.


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          one more thing, Is I used to care for a lady. we are still friends, for twenty years, and long after I was injured.
          I would have had no trouble at all politely telling her something smelled and could I help her with it. I wouldn't have left her with anything smelling because she was such a clean person.

          her bag did sometimes need to be rinsed out with a bleach solution, but usually it was just replaced if it got too stinky.

          after I was injured I had to use a foley for months, and I would just wash the bags out with a little bleach and a drop of dish liquid. they didn't smell unless I got a urinary infection or they were old.