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Spouse needs a break...SCI the mistress

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  • Spouse needs a break...SCI the mistress

    You guys, caregiving is hard. And when there is caregiver burnout we take things out on her disabled loved ones. And when they're hurting, feel less than human, since your resentment… They become irritated as well. You have to step away on a frequent basis and remember to be each other's spouses… Stop the blame game. Don't take bad moods personally. Pray, ask for assistance, do something fun for yourself, and remember to love. At least these are some of the coping mechanisms that I use. Sometimes I go and stay in a hotel down the street. We exit do this about once a quarter.

    I encourage you all to try it. Here's a way you can…

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    Do you have any hired help? Relatives can sub during a pinch, but long-term reliance on them can create burnout.


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      I can afford to take my own break so I want to leave your wonderful gift for someone who needs it more than I do financially. BUT I NEED HELP!!!
      I have serious burn out and am resenting my husband right now. Please help, I dont want to feel this way!!!