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Well THAT was fun to do at 2 am!

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  • Well THAT was fun to do at 2 am!

    Normally Chad has insomnia and I sleep like a baby but the last weeks its been reversed. So as I sat here tonight reading through a stack of magazines I've brought so as to distract my head from yelling internal at me WHY AREN'T YOU ASLEEP, I reached over for the next magazine as I'd left them in a stack on Chad's legs (yes, I treat him as my table, he's astonishingly useful in that regard and doesn't mind a bit. win-win!) I digress. Which I'm prone to do at 2 am.

    But the magazine I pick up is sopping wet. I suddenly realize that the off odor that I'd been smelling for the past however so long was (insert DUN DUN DUN.....) PEE! Not just any pee though, stenchy odiferous wild untreated UTI pee. His bag earlier the day had stunk so badly that I actually changed the bag out, something I have never had to do before. I only change them when I change the catheter once monthly. But this was full on peel the paint off the walls STANK (as we say in the south).

    So I took all three corners of sheets and blankets and pillows off that I could do without disturbing him, took away the pillows we use to stack him in the positioning all night (good bye to those, I don't think they are salvageable but I could be wrong) gathered a fresh supply of: waterproof mattress pad, fitted sheet, flat sheet, blanket, bed pad, sheepskin, pillow and pillowcase for him. You see, the way it leaked was such that it formed a blossoming oval around him from his knees to his neck and it didn't touch my side much. I think the sheepskin wicked it up and around him.

    At that point, I finally had to wake him, for which I felt horribly guilty (waking a man with sleeping difficulties.....) and explained. He said "Whatever", I put him in the sling, gave him a very quick soap & water bath to get the nasty pee of his body, I redressed the bed in such good time that I'm prepared to lobby the Olympics to make it a sport. Then I hoisted him back down, where he .... promptly fell back to sleep!! SUCCESS! I took the sheets and blankets straightaway to the washer, put the whole rest of the mess outside on the back porch so that smell won't be in my house, or worse, soaking into my hardwood floors. I'll do those tomorrow.

    Now only magazine is unusable (and possibly the body pillows, but I'll make a final judgement on that in the AM).

    All I can say is that I am quite HAPPY to have had insomnia tonight. Otherwise it would have been much, much, MUCH worse if it had leaked all night versus finding it early on in the leaking process tonight at 2 am.

    Cheers to insomnia
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    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager

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    Oh lord, those adventures pee


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      God Bless you wives. I am so blessed for mine and her wonderful attitude when things like that happen. Never a complaint or even a stink eye look. What would we ever do without you ladies other than rust away.

      Here I thought you were going to write about reading that "50 shades of Grey" book you ladies had been writing about in Lynnifers thread. Of you falling asleep with wonderous dreams of Chad riding in on a horse wearing shining armor and taking you to the ummm next chapter.

      I sit here shaking my head at your wonderful attitude and love for Chad. I trust Chad's UTI will go away quickly and may your bed always be dry.


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        Ehhhhh, not his fault. What can ya do? That's why the name of my blog is what it is.... Everything is a funny story if you just wait long enough! But I'm thinking I'm gonna have to look into this 50 shades thing, I've heard its absolute horseshit writing, that might just put me right out! And just an aside, I've only once had a dream of chad not in his wheelchair, and in that dream, he walked with great great difficult with forearm crutches, like someone with very severe CP. But only one time in 9 years. Since I met him in the chair, that's just how I see him.
        Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager


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          I think it is amazing how, while you were changing the linens, removing the pillows, etc, he slept. LoL Still, I'm glad that you were up to help him, when he needed you.
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            You are great. Truly.


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              Note to those who may be new to care-giving - When a SCI who normally sleeps in fits and starts becomes a sound sleeper, always suspect a UTI.

              "We have met the enemy and he is us."-POGO.

              "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it."~Edgar Allan Poe

              "Dream big, you might never wake up!"- Snoop Dogg


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                When I saw the title of the thread, I thought "I know what she's NOT talking about!"
                Boy, did that bring back memories. Pillows are never really happy once they've been through the washer.
                Hope the UTI clears up soon.


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                  As it turns out, the pillows made it just fine through the washing machine. Miracles never cease.
                  Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager


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                    Been there done that! It's so great to have a place where others know the experience and can see the bright side, too!

                    I struggled with insomnia for quite awhile until my nurse practitioner prescribed Zaleplon. It's been a life saver! It has a short half life so I never have any morning "hang over". Just helps me get to sleep when I need it.