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What do people with upper level injuries (quads) do for care??

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    Originally posted by bert View Post
    I'm 34 c3 quad, vent free, living in a nursing home. hate it but have no other choice. get medicaid and that is it. sucks that higher individuals don't get other options.
    What state are you in? If you are on Medicaid you should have the choice to live in the community, the Supreme Court said so in their 1999 Olmstead decision.


      My wife C5/6 (chest down) works 4 days a week. We get our benefits from her job at the hospital. We get NOTHING in assistance and pay for all her care out of pocket. I work full time.


        C 4/5 Don't work get SSD and a some money from a workmans comp settlement but not enough to pay for care and live on so the burden of taking care of me falls onto my 76 year old mother.. It stresses me out add that to problems with pain and there are mornings I wish I didn't wake up!!
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          c6c7 61yrs work ssdi too pay my care giver 6 hrs a week. i am getting to point where getting out of bed in am is so hard so stiff it takes 5 to 10 minutes just to get up and put shoes on


            I can't work, and have to pay out of pocket.

            I'm screwed, I would lose disability even if I could work, or did Medicaid. I must pay thousands each month. I'm sure not wealthy. Need to add category.


              Thanks for everyone's posts. Is there anyone else who wants to add their "two cents"?
              C4/5 incomplete, 17 years since injury

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