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How much your homecare are paid ? Around the world !!!

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  • How much your homecare are paid ? Around the world !!!

    Hi im from Quebec Canada and after 14 years of homecare this year is the worste because, the alocation here is so low they paid 11.00 $ /hrs.
    So this year i took one person who sleep on the job, one other stoll a brand new set of sheet, and another stoll a good retabliss card with 130.00 $ inside...
    I got cancer two years ago, i bean cut my right leg twice and now im in new chimio traitement and people have no limit for stoll person like us

    Im Quad C6 amputed twice with cancer and begain to be exausstedd
    So please help me to let me know how your homecare are paid alround the world i have to let know to my deputate and gouvernement how i feel about it

    Mario Babin

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    We private pay for my mother's home care...from $12-15 (USA)/hour. We do not provide insurance or other benefits.

    In my area, the state's IHSS (in home supportive services) workers make $8.75/hour. You are not allowed to supplement that with additional money. They get no benefits.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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      Here the homecare is free. People have to pay for the time the assistent does housework, shopping and other practical things and we pay after income, from 5 dollar to 50 dollar an hour . The assistent are payed about about 28 dollars an hour but they have to pay 36% tax out of it. Usually people pay for 2 or 4 hours a week.
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        i pay 25/hr. They do my bowel care and we know how much that cost. My total annual cost is very expensive but so far I am able to sustain it. I have help that have been with me for close to 20 years. I wish I could do more for one of them but I do have limitations. When you add on the cost of sick time, holiday time and vacation coverage it really adds up.


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          I pay $12 an hour, 40 hr/wk. for a personał aid, they do BP as well as anything else I need. I also have a live in LPN.


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            IHSS in my county pays $11.50 per hour. We get 247 hours per month. Handles all personal care needs.
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              no paid pca here in u.s. except by me. c7 quad.


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                Hey hey mon Mario! J'ai vu ton annonce sur Facebook. Rien spécial à dire tant que je suis assuré par la SAAQ. Après m'avoir évalué quand je sortais CRLB, Ils me donnent $172/semaine et mon préposé vient LMV les matins pour 3 heures. Finalement, ça paie environ $18/heure sous le table.

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                  Here in Holland we have a personal care budget (PGB) that is funded out of the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ), which is compulsory insurance that is deducted from wages and paid as taxes at 13.45% of the first €16,893 ($21,880) of taxable earnings which is about €189 ($244) per month. There is a personal contribution that we also pay when receiving care, which is based on income and the amount of care received.

                  When we arrange care through an agency we pay 32.50 ($42) an hour, and more if it is evenings or weekends. When we arrange care directly, we pay about 20 ($25) per hour, depending on the care. These are rates only for personal care and support, not for nursing, which is about 50 ($64) per hour.

                  I find it crazy how much the agencies here charge. The government is overhauling the whole system now, and unfortunately, rather than limiting what the agencies can charge, they are going to limit the amount of care we can receive. There has also been fraud with the agencies. Some agencies administer the budgets for the people they care for and skim off the top. Again, the government should be stopping this conflict of interest with care agencies, but instead they are going to limit the care instead.
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                    Here in British Columbia we have the Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL) program where the consumer administers the funding. I pay $16 an hour during training and 17-$18 an hour afterwards. As a C-4 Quad I receive eight hours of funding per day but can stretch it further because I do my own bookkeeping.