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PA is stopping agency attendants from doing bowel care.

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    The law is the same here in SC. Agencies must use an LPN or higher to do bowel care and that makes it cost prohibitive. A few years back, we had to lobby hard to get the legislature to change the state's nurse practice act To allow our self-trained/employed PCAs to do it. The nurses fought hard against it, not wanting to give up their "professional" territory. Our convincing argument came when we pointed out that Medicare will only provide home care for a short time and then only when there is someone who can be trained to do even real high level procedures such as home dialysis. One part of the health system insists that we use the lowest possible denominator for our care and the other demands the highest. Totally wacko.

    There is a real disconnect between many parts of our health care, and it is people like us who suffer the consequences.
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      Thank you for reminding why I'm planning to be in Harrisburg with ADAPT in October!

      Next Action: Harrisburg, PA

      The next ADAPT action will be in Harrisburg, PA. ADAPTers will arrive on Saturday, October 13th and leave Thursday, October 18th. ADAPTers from across the country are excited to be able to support our sisters and brothers in PA who are making sure that the PA bureaucrats know that MY MEDICAID MATTERS!