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    One of Dave's aides seems to think I have a life of ease saying how lucky
    I am "not to have to work." She is young so I bite my tongue thinking I have never worked so hard and worried so much in my life.


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      Wow I can't believe the things i am reading .... although after all these years you'd think nothing would surprise me. We've not had this experience however we have had the opposite situation - where friends you once thought of as friends keep their distance and say nothing - but then we hear through the grapevine ..... "oh so and so can't handle being around Bill and his injury its' ... too uncomfortable ... too difficult .... makes them wonder what if it was me " ..... etc.etc. and they just don't want to deal with it .... at all ...

      Any time we've had caregivers or nurses around they have been pretty respectful but they often have that "oh you poor thing look" - I think if someone had actually said some of the things I'm reading to me or to Bill I'd be stunned into silence ! Seriously .... what is wrong with people !

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        The aides we have are very young and one in particular is just not very mature in editing her conversation. Finding someone to work with someone of Dave's level of care, not to mention the muscles isn't easy.
        For the most they do a good job and have been reliable and caring to him, but at times I cringe.
        One would not stop checking her facebook until I kindly told her not to-ended up with her crying in the bathroom 15 minutes.
        Needing help is one of the hardest things about life now not to mention no privacy.


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          we'd been listening to the Beastie Boys alot because of the recent death of MCA, and then a week or so later heard another artist mix in 'Paul Revere' on top of their beat (Paul Revere is one of the top 5 most famous Beastie Boys songs) and she was like hey, I get it...!!! and then added...

          "But who was Paul Revere really, wasn't he, like in history?"
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            Originally posted by Scaper1 View Post
            "What possible stress could you have?"

            Um, how about having to have pearls like you around.