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  • Care = Thief?

    Lately we have had to have some outside help. It's an agency we have used previously. This morning we found some items missing. I contacted the agency requesting the person be replaced and why, but I really can't be sure that individual did anything. I didn't want to get a blemish on an innocent person's record, but I felt the need to do something. Hope I made the right choice.

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    Who else would/could have taken the missing items? Have there been other outsiders in your home? Any signs of a break in? What kinds of items are missing...easily sold for quick cash?

    What was the reaction of the agency?

    Irritating to say the least.

    All the best,


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      The timing indicates last night. I'm sure the pain meds could easily been sold. The other thing we noticed was a couple books on CD missing. It's a couple out of a series which he mentioned he liked. It's not a big monetary loss, but I don't like to be in bed wondering what a caregiver might do. He performed his caregiving duties well for whatever that is worth.

      The agency was sympathetic and would take him off my case. They would seek insurance reimbursement if we file a police report. Finally, they would add his name to the random drug testing for today. They will keep him on as employee unless they get a second complaint.

      "Blessed are the pessimists, for they hath made backups." Exasperated 20:12


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        It is hard enough giving up privacy in our own homes by letting/needing people we barely know into our homes and then feeling violated by something like this.
        Background checks are not always accurate either with different last names and states. I found that out by looking up an aides maiden name in the bordering state after we had already paid for a background check.
        I'm really sorry this happened to you Tom.


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          An employee of one of the local agencies was caught stealing from patients. After complaints from a couple of people she was working with complained, they put a hidden webcam in the home of a person she was assigned to. They caught her going through drawers and putting things in her purse. She was prosecuted for 3 counts of theft and got jail time. One of the things she stold was a diamond ring worth about $1500.
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            It is, of course up to you whether to file a complaint. I would say though that even if the items are not particularly valuable, not reporting it means the company will not know to watch the individual and will likely send them into someone else's home.


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              You did the correct thing by reporting this to the agency. But, if you believe you have been robbed, you need to file a police report. It is the only way to protect yourself as a patient.

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