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    New injury mom


    My 35 year old daughter is a C5/6 quad, incomplete. It is 4 months now and I have been overwhelmed with what I need to do. She is still in rehab, but will be discharged in 6 weeks. She has AD and I don't think I can do the disimpaction. We don't live together - she will be 15 min away. What do I do? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks for your offer of help

    Welcome chefjudy - I'm sorry you're here but so glad you found us. No question is too silly and venting is encouraged. You are very new into this so don't be so hard on yourself - everything scary and unfamiliar will become the new norm and it will be better - but it takes time.

    What other support do you have? You will be surprised at what she will be able to do for herself and the things that will become second nature to you. We will help you - so ask away !

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      Hi ChefJudi and welcome

      Sorry you had to join us but glad you found us as the support here is immeasurable.

      Can you get your daughter to join Carecure? I have been injured a while and had no support in the early days.

      Don't hesitate to ask. I am the injured but I am a mom.

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        Welcome Chefjudi:

        Glad you found us! Hopefully... your daughter's place is accessible. Her rehab stay should teach her how to deal with the majority of stuff. Are there any other family members who can help? Please ask any questions you may have... and keep coming back!


          I believe that my C-6 son would be dead now if not for living in our home. He is 6 years post. The first year home after rehab was overwhelming with the workload. At first, he only had biceps and wrists up. Over time and with powerful magnetic therapy, he has regained wrists, triceps, and trunk control. Unfortunitely, the magnetic therapy is not readily available and not insurance/medicare covered. It's experimental.

          With some PT and OT specialists helping, they can provide some adaptive equipment to assist with bowel program, adaptive tools for eating, combing hair, and brushing teeth. We modified the home to have a roll in shower, with commode and vanity/sink. That mod took a huge burdeon off of my wife and I.

          One major decision was to get a manual wheelchair. Over time, my son's shoulders became much stronger which allowed him to self transfer after several years. With a power chair, the side effects are weight gain and less independence. It is critical that your daughter keep her weight down to where she can assist with transfers. My 5'10" son stayed at 145 lbs for 3-4 years by skipping some meals and eating low amounts of carbos. If your daughter can keep her weight down to 110 or so, she will gain some independence and you will not likely blow out your back.

          On a cautionary note, do not let your daughter use your straightened out forearm as a prop to go from prone to sitting. I did and after a year, developed a rotocuff shoulder and tennis elbow. Instead, go to the end of the bed and use both arms and grip to pull your daughter to a seated position.


            Hello! this is a great place for info.
            Is the rehab helping your family figure out home modifications?
            Will they help her find aides to help at home as she settles in?
            My husband has a higher level injury and our rehab was able to help with ordering bed, shower chair, hoyer etc.
            Good luck!


              Family training at rehab hospital?

              Does the rehab hospital where she is have any family training?

              My son was injured at age 15. I roomed in with him and learned a lot that way. They also had classes for family and caregivers. The material was also available online.