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    Vote for my Hero please


    Would you please click on the link below and vote for my hero – my wife Cindy Godfrey. On this forum, she is Tonko's Mom. Also send this note and/or the link to any of your e-mail or Facebook contacts that you believe would vote. Use promotion code 994 and the first time you vote one vote counts as five. Voting continues until Sunday, May 13, 2012. Every IP Address will be allowed to vote once in a 24-hour period, so please set up a reminder and vote every day or as often as you can.

    The contest is for Mobility Awareness Month and I could nominate a Local Hero. As part of the contest three accessible vehicles are being awarded and the theme was “how I am overcoming mobility challenges” in 400 words or less.

    Of course, my hero is my wife and caregiver Cindy. Many of my family and friends already know and love her. I hope this contest story helps you understand better what she truly means to me and how she touches so many lives without even knowing it. We just celebrated our 26th Anniversary. In all those years it simply is amazing everything that Cindy has done for me simply out of love. Such a list would be massive, but one does not exist because she truly is a gentle spirit and her love is unconditional.
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    Me too...would appreciate your votes...Blessings to all. I'll vote for you, you vote for us...we are caregivers to two mentally/physically challenged wonderful "kids" who live with us 24/7


      The very best thing about the contest is the fact three accessible vans will be awarded. That means three families will experience a real difference for years to come. I understand, jaysmom, nothing is ever easy for the disabled community!

      My sister once entered a contest for a vehicle. At the start of the contest every contestant had to touch the vehicle. The last person still touching the vehicle – won it.

      I thought about that for about half a second and then all the problems folks in the disabled community and their caregivers would experience during such a contest came to mind. Wow! I can see a movie in the making.

      An hour into the contest my leg bag would be full, my pills would be all over the floor, and I would start getting AD from pressing my hand on the car. Cindy, of course, would step in and pick up pieces.

      However, I suspect I wouldn't have to worry about it even that long. Thirty seconds into the contest a judge would tap me on the shoulder saying "I'm sorry, Sir. I saw you spasm and your hand jumped off the van for a second". Ha!

      God Bless, jaysmom!


        Ha ha! Thanks-I do see that we have a slim to none chance of winning one of these too-looks like some people have thousands of votes already, and my measly couple hundred won't even put me in the running. Good luck to you though...lot's of stories and lots of people in need. Blessings to all-you are ALL heros!


          I read your story, jaysmom. Sure wish you the best, sounds like a home filled with love. I was so touched to read Mark's entry and I think that in itself is worth it to me. Of course, a new van would be great, but then there are many who have entered with such touching stories, I will be happy to see any of them win. I spent quite a while yesterday reading entries. All I can say is I feel so blessed.



            Vote for Shannon too. She has been a member here for many many years and helped me so many times!
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