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Stepson broke T4-6 last Saturday

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    Hi Jody!! Just read your post and your stepson is a very lucky young man for many many reasons!! It sounds like he is doing awesome. The fact that he has sensations is incredible beyond words. Our son, 16 at the time, broke his back on 11/20/10, T6 ASIA A on his motorcycle. Since then we have done so much to learn all about SCI to help him and everyone with this injury. I have met some incredible people and one thing I know for sure the ones that are walking now are walking because of exercise based therapy. Tickle his legs, massage his legs, use a bath brush on his legs to remove the dead skin so his legs can breath. It is incredible what the body can do. Do not let his muscle forget what they need to do. Get his legs moving, have him wear the shoes he always wore, sit in different seats so he does not get used to one "chair". Our insurance will only pay for PT above his injruy, for below the injury the just want to teach him how to live in a chair. So he goes to Pushing boundaries, which is like Project Walk. He uses a Theracycle we got off Craigslist and we were able to get a stander too. These things are so important especially since he has some feelings. David like your step son has an incredibly positive attitide and that is challenge number 1. With that on board the sky is the limit!! Way to go!! If your step son was injured on a motorcycle or snowmobile have him or you check out There are some incredible stories and people there. 3 of which were told they would never walk again and they are!! Dont' give up as exhausting as it can be it is worth it.
    hugs from Washington, Debbie


      Thank you Debbie! Best of luck with your son as well. We went to Surgeon today, he gave us about 2 minutes of his time lol. Said nothing except the spine is healing well. That's ok, we know what we need to do! Like you said exercise exercise exercise!!! Thanks for the tips, we do a lot of massaging etc but we need to exfoliate his feet for sure! They are peeling... Will keep everyone posted, thanks all!


        I agree exercize is the way to maximize one's potential. But if the connections aren't intact; all the exercize in the world won't get a person up walking.

        All we can do is to get as strong as we can. But if a person doesn't get up walking again, it's not because they didn't exercize enough.

        A Positive Menatal Attitude and hard work does maximize what we have left,