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    Staying by yourself

    Hello, I have a question?

    I currently live with my sister and her son but they are going to be moving in a couple of months. My question is will I be forced to go into a nursing home. I have aids that help me currently but I got the impression I could not live in my own home alone says a dhs worker the other day. I thought I've read of several high quads living on their own in these forums.

    What is your level of injury? Are you on a vent?

    Many people with tetraplegia live by themselves with part time (not full time) PCA care. If you can get a turning mattress, this makes it even easier (assuming you cannot turn yourself). The vast majority of my clients who have tetraplegia and are not on vents use 6-8 or so hours of attendant care a day, mostly in the AM to do bowel care, bathe, dress, ROM, and transfers up into the chair, then perhaps fix both breakfast and a sack lunch you can get yourself, and do some chores (laundry, dishes, shopping, etc.). Generally the person is then alone (or goes to school or work, or just something fun) until their evening person comes to fix dinner, get them into bed, and do skin care and positioning for sleep. Getting your routines down and able to be completed efficiently are critical to this.

    Of course it is critical that you have a full electric hospital bed you can control yourself (so you can sit up if you get AD), and access to a phone you can use at all times to call for help in an emergency. If you do intermittent cath, can you do it yourself? If not, you may want to consider an indwelling catheter.

    No body can force you into a nursing home against your will. You may want to contact your local Independent Living Center to see if they can help you with DHS. Most have programs designed to help PWD get out and stay out of nursing homes.

    (If you will complete a profile, people on these forums will take you more seriously.)

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      No, I'm not on a vent. I'm c-5.

      The reason the DHS person said what she did was because I can't help myself during a fire. But when I said I could get a fire sprinkler system installed she still said no. So, I am not sure if we were talking about the same thing that day.


        I feel a similar concern about living alone. Even if able to access a phone, isn't it a real danger to be helpless in the case of a fire or other emergencies?


          Considering the stuff that goes on in a nursing home, I'd rather take my chances at my own home. Especially with a fire sprinkler system in place. Wouldn't you?


            C3-C4 here living alone, sci-nurse has it all right.

            2h in the morning to get up.
            1h for diner
            1h to go sleep

            No nursing home for me......


              Request a different DHS worker or go to this idiot's supervisor. This one is on a powertrip about controlling people's lives. Call your local fire marshall to see what else you can do to improve fire safety and make sure you're on every county service list for special medical needs (phone, police, fire and rescue, emergency management. Do you have neighbors you can ask to be on 'stand-by' in case of emergency?


                why is a DHS worker telling you what you can and cannot do with your life anyway?


                  Originally posted by J/L View Post
                  No, I'm not on a vent. I'm c-5.

                  The reason the DHS person said what she did was because I can't help myself during a fire. But when I said I could get a fire sprinkler system installed she still said no. So, I am not sure if we were talking about the same thing that day.
                  That's really laughable considering that every multi-story building in the country shuts down the elevators in the event of a fire alarm. Apparently the wheelchair bound are expendable.


                    This DHS person isn't the authority.


                      Now this topic I know something about.

                      You all can check my details under my name. I lived on my own for about a total of 10 years. Luckily, I am a creative individual who can use his mind to mechanically solve most problems.

                      x-10 can generally be wired to resolve any switch. If you know how to solder and other mechanical skills you can create unique switches that can turn anything on or off. Included in this category is motors of any size that can do things for you. Just that about what can be achieved with the right application of torque, turning, leverage, etc. you get when I'm going right ?

                      Next thing necessary is the telephone. If you can press a button then I recommend a Bluetooth enabled cell phone linked with a Bluetooth speakerphone. The Bluetooth speakerphone or import all of your phone numbers from your Bluetooth telephone and by pressing a button and saying the person's name you can telephone that person. I imagine it also works with an apartment buzzer, but I have not tried this application yet. In any event, this solution does solve the telephone problem.

                      Use of a stick or mouth stick of various sizes. When I was first injured as soon as I got out of rehab I put away my mouth sticks. The next 15 years were spent getting stronger by working out twice a day. Use weights, bricks, pulleys, etc. whatever it takes. Next, I use a combination of my old mouth sticks plus new aluminum rods which I dip into these various shapes. Remarkably useful for microwave buttons, CD discs (in the whole), thermostat, etc. just think about all you can do with a stick.

                      I can write more tomorrow or the day after.

                      Future Walker