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    Did you ask him where he got his medical training? If so, it was incorrect. If he got his "info" from Wikapedia, well, we know what an authoritative source THAT is.

    I would tell him that he doesn't know what he is talking about, and that ignorance is nothing to brag about. Regardless, you are the employer, and he is being disrespectful of you.

    If you want to take the effort, print this article out from our own site, by Dr. Young (a REAL authority) and tell him to read it. I will be surprised if he does...


    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


      Originally posted by brucec View Post
      of course was in 1978
      Yeah. I was injured in 1985 and had no clue what people were talking about with ASIA classification when I first joined here. Now I know it was because "we" weren't "classified" until 1992. Not that it really matters when talking to most people (doctors included). The neurologist I saw last month had a hard time believing I wasn't actually moving my foot when he was testing my reflexes. He asked me 3 times if I had just moved on my own. Adding a sub-category to 'SCI T 4/5' would probably only confuse him further.

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        Originally posted by LindaT View Post
        I've learned which aides to let one thing go in one ear and out the other with.

        You're absolutely right. Especially nursing students. Most doctors don't even know all about sci issues unless they specifically work with them.

        Regine your aide is wrong. just say ok in a tone that no more discussion is needed and he can have the last word. Don't even continue the discussion. that's what i do and they get put off but the subject sure gets squelched.


          I would start making arrangements to replace this guy if I were you. If he thinks he knows better than you on this subject, he'll probably refuse to do something you need done on the same grounds.
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            find the facts online, print it out, ask him if his x years of training taught him anything, give marching orders. With Soliloquy on this one... The attendants attitude needs readjustment. Rather than stress out trying to training said numbskull, insist your agency stop wasting your time with fools... A college education seems to give some people a God complex these days...


              Regine, I say it's healthy to argue.

              Absolutely, it's healthy to argue.
              Regine, Now it's your turn to introduce a subject for spirited discussion.
              You may suggest what it truly means to be: "unemployed".


                Very funny TimC - lol
                I once had a hospital worker who angered and frightened me. Refusing to suction my vent, for one thing, and etc. I later asked to speak to supervisor and related several issues and requested the worker never again be scheduled for my room. I never saw the worker again, except walking past my room.
                It's ok for good-spirited debate, but take a look at how you feel about it. If it's too negative or upsetting, ask for a replacement.
                Good luck!


                  Thank you all for your input, it was very supportive. I did give him the article that KLD pointed out. He'll be back tomorrow night and I will decide spontaneously what to tell him. All your ideas sound great!


                    I'm with Triumph...don't be afraid to report unprofessional behavior. What started with that type of behavior with one aid ended up turning into an outright assault a few weeks afterward.

                    Whether you pay for his services or it's elsewhere funded, you are the proverbial boss and can ask him not to return.

                    My own story:
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                      Originally posted by Regine View Post
                      But this keeps bothering me somehow and I wanted to ask you all two questions:
                      Is he right??
                      Would you argue with him if not, or just forget about it?
                      Tell him the Führer is dead and if you wanted someone to dictate to you, you'd buy audiobooks.


                        who cares... you're paying them to help you not to argue. i've never had one argument with mine. i would just ask them for someone else.


                          Regine, how did you make out with the post printout workday?
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                            Originally posted by NorthQuad View Post
                            Send him here so we can destroy him.
                            I was kinda thinking that.
                            he is mistaken, but well, I hate people who know everything and wants to argue about silly things.

                            im no expert at all, but being at ccc for years, learned that a lot of c6 complete quads have wrist reflex, but no finger movement.

                            next time he wants to argue about stupid shit, roll your eyes and let him be stupid.

                            there are c4 and c5 complete quads here who have only reflex wrist reflex, no hand or finger movement.

                            if he continues to annoy you, you can request they not send him.

                            how is his care otherwise?


                              those bruises are awful! how did you get them? are the arm bruises from her hands squeezing you? and what about the strap marks on you ankles?
                              It looks like they were put on very tight, cutting off circulation from the swelling above the strap marks.
                              I read your story and Iv seen lifts used, and nothing goes around your ankles and arms that way, so im not understanding the terrible bruising you recieved as a result of being moved with a sling lift.


                                I have had this kind of experience numerous times. For me most often it's my caregivers thinking they know more about my body or my house than I do. I find it so annoying that I admit I don't feel bad having a patronizing attitude about it. If it's purely a difference that does not affect me really, I usually just enjoy the amusement and let it go. What do I care what they think? If they plan to act on their beliefs in a way that would be damaging to me or my belongings, then I may try to discuss it for while and then just ask firmly that they do it my way no matter what they think. If it's a reasonable caregiver or a reasonable uncertainty, we would deal with it like any two rational people– discuss it, look it up, ask around… really try to resolve the question.