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    My boss (Jim) is a 68 y/o paraplegic post aortic aneurism 6 yeas ago. His general health is fair/good (i.e. diabetic, frequent UTIs and inconsistent coumadin levels). He lives at home with his wife as the primary care provider.

    About a month ago Jim developed a sore on his lower back in the high sacral area. Despite appropriate care and a wound vac, the sore progressed to the point of needing surgery. Upon admission to the hospital, Jim was determined to have a severe UTI and anemic to the point of requiring blood transfusions. After sever days of IV antibiotics via a PIC, Jim received flap surgery on April 27th. Within a few days after the surgery, Jim experienced hypotension and had a second "surgery" to identify and correct the blood loss source at the surgical site. Jim was placed on a KCI Fluidair bed throughout his hospital stay. On May 9th, 12 days post flap surgery, Jim was discharged home. Here's the current issue...

    Prior to discharge, we attempted to get Jim a KCI Kinair bed for his home. After a week of working with KCI, they simply were unable to follow through to get the bed delivered. As an alternative, we were able to get Hill-Rom to deliver a Clinitron at Home bed. Unfortunately, the Clinitron at Home bed is a little short, and Jim's feet rests against the footboard. Jim's wife placed a pillow under his leg to elevate his foot above the footboard, however Jim is not pleased with the situation adn wants to explore a different bed. His right leg and foot are in an extened position and do not easily bend.

    Can you please offer your thoughts on the bed situation as well as any key home care considerations?

    Many, many thanks to the community of people who particpate in these boards.

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    Be very, very careful to avoid a pressure sore in the foot - if it comes off the pillow it may rest on a hard surface. How about taping some foam on any hard surfaces, just in case? But don't rely on that.
    Of course, when he's on his side with knee flexed, his foot won't contact the footboard. Being on his back (or in any position) continually also creates a potentially dangerous situation.

    Thanks for being interested and helping him - good man!


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      A lot of people wear air boots to protect their feet in bed. I agree with rfbdorf, very commendable.
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