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    Definitely go for it if you can take the drop in pay.

    I'd much rather have assistance from someone who is doing the job because they genuinely want to make a difference.
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      If it's what you want, do it.


        I have a somewhat different opinion, but my opinion depends on what level your loved one is.... if he is high(ish) level and requires alot of hands on care, trust me, you will burn out of doing his care sooner or later. Then to be faced with doing the same work as your job ... well, its a bit of a recipe for a not good situation.

        Maybe I'm jaded, but I've been doing this gig for 7.5 years and I would never want to have my job be caregiving when I do it at home.
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          Originally posted by dmom View Post
          Found out that I'm losing my job, its being outsourced. I going to go and get my CNA certification and work in the Home Health Care field. After caring for my parents until they passed, and helping my son out until he got his wheels under him. I found I enjoyed this kind of work. At my age I don't know that I want to go back to school for any extended amount of time.
          I realize that I'm going to be taking a significant hit in the pay but I'm excited about feeling like I actually impacted someones life at the end of the day.
          Have any of you ever considered doing this if you were in a position where the level of care you provided you loved one was such that you could go back to work?
          Just curious

          Care giving is sometimes a thankless job but people like you....who finds happiness and fulfillment in this line of work is indeed a blessing. I wish you all the luck. I am sure your future patients are lucky to have someone like you!


            I for one know I have complained about caregiver burnout but then I run into someone else and they are having some sort of issue and I feel like I can help, and for the most part do. I think that is part of the spouse part of it Amy. I mean I know others get burnout too but caring for a spouse is extremely hard in a different kinda way. Does that make sense?