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High School Student, how to start?

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    Good luck jaded.. (interesting avatar, maybe something inadvertently Freudian ). Your enthusiasm is infectious. You're obviously intelligent, caring, well spoken.

    However, take your time, explore all of your options, enjoy the next, incredible, phases (college, etc.) of your life. At this point you may be a little idealistic in what you're considering as a career path so you may want to take a breath, listen to others here, pace yourself, and take it one step at a time. Not to discourage you at all but the realities and intricacies of caregiving are long and varied. The expectations perceived vs the compassion you have and want to share will have to find the right balance in your life.

    Good luck with your pursuits, I'm confident that you will reach your goals and look forward to hearing about your progress..

    And welcome to CC...

    Onward & Upward,



      Hi Jaded!!
      While I agree that caregivers are generally under paid and many people don't appreciate the work these people do, I can tell you it is these people that make the most difference. I think your desire for exploration is fantastic. I am 21 and I can tell you that I would totally be ok with letting you help me and give you a more personal insight into what life with a SCI is like, that being said... It obviously isn't possible with our locations. BUT! If I'd be willing to, I'm sure there are other young SCI in your area. How you'd go about meeting up with one? not sure. maybe through volunteering or one of the previously mentioned. I commend you for being so caring and for reaching out to us for answers! You rock!


        Originally posted by jadedsimiles View Post
        I really, really was not expecting so many responses...
        Thank you so much!
        Onto the individual replies

        Do you know of any in Manhattan? All I could come up with were ones in New Jersey... I can handle commuting but NJ is a whole other world.
        Mount Sinai has an extensive rehab program. Perhaps you want to speak to their hospital volunteer coordinator. Best of luck.


          aiming higher is great advice. I agree, but well unless you get a totally free ride, or have really rich parents, you are probably going to need to work. if you become a doctor, or medical scientist of some kind, you will have had some expierences learning about people, and care or lack of care.

          dont forget the candy striper. The girls in the lil pepermint aprons at most hospitals passing out books or trays at mealtime. that is volunteer, and the people I know who tried it were going into nursing or some kind of medical arts. you can do that as a high school student.