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OK... Invol from Hell...

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  • OK... Invol from Hell...

    You would think that after 5 1/2 years I would be used to this... And invols never fail to happen after the house is nice and clean... especially the nice clean bathroom...

    I got home from work early... looking forward to laying down and going through all the reading stuff and mail that has been stacking up.

    There are some invols that Don can handle by himself... but this one was unbelievable. Stinky, runny, and would qualify for the hall of fame. All over the chair, the dogs were following him around the house sniffing at the back of the chair (LOL)...

    So... get on the commode chair... take pants off... run downstairs and throw them (after spraying an entire bottle of spray and wash on them)... throw everything in the wash...chair cover, chair back cover, man oh man...

    2 hours later... and two paper towel rolls later, lighting several room candles. Don and I both working to get his butt clean.

    Thanks for letting me vent...


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    ((Sieg)) Sorry you guys had such a shitty day.


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      well that was worse than my I though I was done but I wasnt accident the other day. It went down into my slippers. I dont have any slippers now.


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        Guess that is why we call them "invols." They happen at the worst possible time and in the worst possible way. I have a couple stories I could share (on an intercontinental airline flight-unimaginable and during a business meeting), just really don't want to relive them in any detail.

        Hope the "invols" are very few and very far between.



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          Bill has an ileostomy now but when he used to have those little surprises happen it was our cat that got the butt of the blame ... so to speak !!

          I must say while carrying around a bag of poo is not everyone's ideal it was certainly liberating for Bill - he could have had it reversed but once he got caring for the stoma down pat he never looked back .... once again ... so to speak !

          ~ Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandi

          " calling all Angels ...... calling all Angels ....walk me through this one .. don't leave me alone .... calling all Angels .... calling all Angels .... we're tryin' and we're hopin' cause we're not sure how ....... this .... goes ..."
          Jane Siberry


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            Yep, been there. Just last night, it wasn't that bad but we were sitting in the front room just watching tv and then all of a sudden, boom, David was in intense pain, trying to double over pain. Immediately took him in to lay down, checked him, nothing, then it hit me, he hasn't had a bm for a few days, lets try to get him flushed out. So I perceded with the enemeez and I tell you just from the time I inserted that while laying in the bed to the commode which is only about 2 foot away, I didn't think we were going to make it. I kid you not I had him in the ceiling lift above the commode chair about a foot above it and it was like world war III, bombs away!!!


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              Thanks guys... it's nice to know you are out there...


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                ya, dont let it kill you, once the chunks are rinsed out and the smell fades, folks laugh at the memory of .......hey! remember the time you crapped yourself at fest?


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                  sheesh, what a "timely" thread.

                  I woke up this morning in a literal sea of crap, haven't had this happen in years. Not sure if I ate something bad or what, but dayaaam.

                  Luckily I always sleep on a pad, just 'cause, and I was wearing underwear. I had woken at ~4am and pee'ed, no problem. I wake up at ~7:30, reach down to grab mr. happy for another cathing, and stuck my hand full into the "lake". ahhhhh crap! You know it's bad when the pubes are covered.

                  I felt like Ricky Ricardo when I yelled out to my wife, RAAAANNNNDDDDAAAA. Here I am laying there with a coated hand and no way to do anything, I may be a T10, but I felt helpless as a baby, not wanting to coat shit everywhere. She comes into the room and says, I wondered why the room had "that smell" this morning. "Thanks Babe..."

                  Like the trooper she is, she gloved up and got to work, though I'm sure this will come back to haunt me sometime. As we were doing the deed, I thought to myself how lucky I was to have her(and I told her so), I still haven't thought of a scenario of how I would have gotten out of this, probably would have had to use the top sheet as a hand cleaner and a soaker-upper, and still would have trashed out my other sheet, mattress pad, cushion, floor, hell who knows.

                  My hats off to all who live alone, and the Caregivers in this world.
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                  "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"


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                    Why is it always funnier when it happens to the other guy???


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                      cause it is.


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                        I know, but I feel bad for laughing when I know darn well when it happens to David I am holding my breath, gagging and wondering why me???... it aint' funny one bit. But reading others its hilarious. I guess maybe cause I aint the one cleaning it up this time.


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                          God McDuff... Yes, Don has been there and luckily we don't have the invols to wake up to very often!
                          And yes, you have to have a sense of humor... or I would be on the front page of the paper "Wife murders husband" LOL!


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                            No worries MSWife, that was why I posted, I think humor is as needed as food. The old, if I didn't laugh I would cry, comes to mind in these situations.

                            Ergvepeog, in our house it's:

                            wife: I'm going to kill you.
                            me: Crip Abuse!, Crip Abuse! (fake hollering)
                            "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"


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                              I have a "temp" colostomy because of the large (not so much anymore) wound that I got at the Nursing facility after my accident. My nurse keeps asking if I am going to have it reversed and at first I was like YES...but now that I have gotten very good/ used to having the bag o shit on my stomach, It is MUCH easier than the bowel program that I was doing in rehab. It doesnt really bother me, cause I keep it nice and clean and hardly have any accidents. She says I would feel more "normal" if I had it reversed...I said...Try scraping the shit out of your ass and always wondering if you are gonna poop yourself. My caregiver is also my best friend and I know/cant really ask him to do that! So to make life easier, I think I will keep it. Any thoughts? thanks, dougie