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You know what I hate about caregiving resources?

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    God does not give more than we can handle?

    Originally posted by Le Type Fran├žais View Post
    God never said that. I think Paul did. When Paul lived, people got sick and died, they didn't live for years with an SCI so Paul can suck it.
    Dear God, I'm reaching my handle limit. Really, I'm trying my best. Is this about the snicker bar I stole in 3rd grade? Love,Linda PS Tell Paul what Todd said.


      you should have coffee with mswife.
      just for shits and giggles, what would be the ideal caregiver/family/friends balance for you?


        sorry, haven't read thread yet but wanted to respond to op's question. i, too, am tired of the assumption help is needed only for the elderly. i know several 90 yr old ppl living on their own.

        this country and its health system needs to stop this nonsense. i'm hoping for change at the gov level, but am not counting on it.


          Originally posted by zillazangel View Post
          OMG, YES, exactly!!!

          What I need is two fold: someone who can do what chad *would* do if he weren't disabled, and someone to help me take care of him.

          Point 1: someone to mop the floors, make dinner, mow the lawn, trim the hedges, take out the trash, take the car for an oil change, walk the dog, run to the store, KILL LARGE BUGS, change lightbulbs up on a ladder, fix the leak in the toilet, fix the garage door that croaked, take himself to his appointments, etc etc.

          Point 2: haul chad's butt into the shower, wash him, shave him, give him a haircut, clean up the bathroom once done, change the sheets, wash them, fold them, put them away, put new mattress pad and sheets on, brush his teeth, put on a new cath bag (oh, and change the sp cath while you're at it will ya?), wash out the old bag with water, then bleach, then water, do bowel care, put on his pants, socks shoes, get him in the chair, put on his shirt, deodorant, brush his hair, put in eyedrops, scratch his head, position him in the chair, fill up the water bottle, make him lunch, feed him lunch, give him his medications, set up the computer for him, give him his mouthstick, ....

          Oh wait, they just want to sit and "visit". For $40/hour (out of our pocket 100%). I don't think so! And for $10/hour we still can't afford, we usually get lazy no good steal from us and show up late / drunk / high attendants.

          Anyway, yeah. What you said!
          I missed this. this isnt actually an impossible request. I can do all off those things except get him in and out of anything. I see so much complaining around here about unemployment. and before I was injured I did just that kind of job for two years, so I know its not too hard to do a good job and enjoy it. I only made ten bucks and hour though but started at eight. holy cow 40 bucks an hour? how bout that?