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Caregiver burnout???

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    You bet Linda,any type,age and temp. It's waiting for oyu and we guys who were privileged to to know you will be serving and dancing.

    Thankyou, my wife says the same, not to feel bad, but still there is that little pang of remorse that she does waht she does so well. Phew, what a run on sentence


      Attn: All CAregivers. Maybe what is needed is a book written from both angles to see if that would make it easier to cope with both issues of "having to take care of" or " Being taken care of by..." I just find that all of you have such awesome information for caregivers, and I know Us, as needing the caregiving, also have a lot to share. Maybe one of the writers around here could see if this is a possibility to use all of us together to write an informative, compassionate "How To giude". Just a thought.


        LindaT... yes we do a lot of laughing too, at very silly things. I have to say that keeps life nice. We are both so thankful to have a peaceful life with no one being unpleasant or mean. So many people in the world have it so hard because of family members who continually make their life miserable with anger and rages and general unpleasantness. I would choose our life over theirs any day.

        And yes the getting up so many times a day is something isn't it. I made up my mind, in the first few months of this life, that I would always respond with a smile. It has really worked to keep me from getting grouchy or resentful at the relentlessness of caregiving.

        Years ago I remember being dissatisfied with my life because it was so self absorbed. I did not think I was contributing in a meaningful way. Now I get to practice the spiritual virtue of comforting the afflicted every day, many times a day. That is a blessing to both of us. I am grateful.
        "A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner"