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So Incredibly Discouraged- messed up muscle flap

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    So Incredibly Discouraged- messed up muscle flap

    My husband is in bed from a muscle flap on his tailbone area done 2 weeks ago. Already, I can see mush under the scab. Some of the scabs have come off and I can see the internal stitches. Does he really have to endure 6 more weeks of laying in freaking bed just to find out it didn't take?!?! Dr. appt not for 3 more weeks but he is sadder and sadder by the day. I change the dry gauze dressing several times a day but then wonder if I'm making it worse.
    yes, I already posted this as a question for the nurse but I feel so overwhelmed. Is there anyone with muscle flap experience that can help me. Is there anyway it could heal partially, at least? I'm SO discouraged. This SUCKS!!!!!!!!

    It he taking any kind of antibiotics as well? He should be taking those in adjunct with laying without pressure on the wound at all. At any point - even for a few hours - did he lie on it? I wouldn't disturb the dressing unless there's major drainage (when I had mine, I had two drainage tubes in me for a day or two). I hope it's not just plain gauze they're using as dressings? That stuff will rip new tissue off every time ... I don't care how much saline you soak it in. Start thinking on a cellular level - imagaining the cells weaving the new framework of healed skin (I had actually did visualization too - not sure if that works - but I almost lost a leg but didn't!)

    I like aquacell and/or hydrocellular dressings because they hold onto the drainage from a weeping wound.

    Some of us have been there. When I was 15, I had a muscle flap surgery and had to do a good solid six weeks in bed, if not more. I missed practically a semester of grade eleven.

    Laying around just doesn't do it either. Personally, I found if I'm not taking extra supplements, nothing will heal. It really works! Iron plus a multivitamin, stay more than adequately hydrated. Protein shakes.

    What sort of mattress is he laying on? An alternating pressure mattress works so much better than anything else, in my experience. You can usually catch one on ebay for $200 if you get lucky.

    It is frustrating. It's nothing either one of you are doing wrong and it's completely natural to become depressed when you can't even heal a wound ... been there many times feeling useless. Just remember these things are like a multi-factored mystery or puzzle ... there's never just one answer. There's usually a few.
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      is he on clinitron?thats really important
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      Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.



        Open wounds simply drain the body of protein. Seriously. Try adding Vitamin C to assist in would healing. Your goal should be 5 grams per day. GRAMS not milligrams. Work up to that level...first few days 1000mg per day, then next few days 2000mg per day, etc. least 90 grams per day.

        Get the book "Let's Get Well" by Adele Davis. Its and old and cheap book worth millions to your health. About $2 used.

        PM me...I can help


          We could write the book on wounds I'm sorry to say but we've learned alot along the way. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask. We've been nursing Bill's present sore for over 3 years now. He's had a couple of flaps as well ...... so his butt skin is pretty fragile . Having a good quality low air loss mattress has helped tremendously. As well he has made drinking a protein shake part of his daily diet .... wound or no wound !

          I sure wish you both all the best !

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            Thanks for the kind words.
            It's been 5 weeks and once the staples and drain came out, the wound has started to heal very well. Now there is tunneling of 3-4 cm and only as big around as a q-tip.
            In 3 weeks, we see the dr to start sitting and living again. Hopefully we will get to have Thanksgiving with our friends instead of home alone!
            I hate this stuff- I'm such a fixer and such a planner and this dang SCI has thrown me way off my game. As for my husband, he's such a one-day-at-a-time guy that he just doesn't fix or plan
            Thanks again


              Sorry for my ignorance, but what is a muscle flap, and why is it done?