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    Helper Pay

    How often do you give raises to those helping you part-time? What precentage of a raise?

    Tee eye ay.

    Depends on what you can do. If you can, an annual increase is nice, either to cover cost of living increase or a bit more to show appreciation. Just be sure not to max out too fast in term of approaching a ceiling for pay. In lieu of increase, perhaps twice year performance bonuses. Also show appreciation (read $$) during holidays.

    It's expensive. A $20/week raise is $1,000/yr. Not a small amount if living on a fixed income and in today's low interest investing environment. Just beware of your total budget if self paying.

    Either way, to do nothing year after year could cause help to leave. I've had my PM aide for almost 17 years now. If I have anything left when I die, she'll deserve more than other members of my family. And she deserves it, for her own retirement.


      We rarely had an aide that lasted more than a few months, but when Chad lived alone, he had one person for 3 years and he would give him a raise once a year. It would be about 3-5%, to basically cover cost of living increase. Its not alot, but that's the kind of raise you get in any job - and 5% is a big chunk over time, as Crags noted.
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        It really depends also on the market around you. If other companies (empolyers) are able to give raises, it is nice to give 2-3% at a minimum. As Crag pointed out, it does add up over time. However, it is also important to recognize people throughout the year. A small thank you (non-monetary) can sometimes help to ease the pain of not getting a $$ raise - although I would not recommend doing this too often.

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          Thanks for the replies.

          She's a hard worker, reliable, would do just about anything to help me, even those things not within the scope of our agreement.

          T helped me on a less regular basis before, but is now on a schedule with me. I had given her cash and a small present over the holidays when she was not here as often.

          The advice about not maxing out pay is noted. Good point. Annual raises and performance/holiday bonuses sound like the way to go.





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              ...... confuseled this morning Chris ???? what up ??

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