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Brother Surviving a Gunshot wound to head! A few questions?

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  • Brother Surviving a Gunshot wound to head! A few questions?

    **If you just want to read the questions, it's at the bottom***

    My brother was shot in the right side of the head (temple and exited the middle right of head) and the bullet went in and out; it did do damage where the DR's had to remove some brain tissue. There were skull & bullet fragments that had to be removed and they worked for 4.5 hrs.

    There is still a lot of swelling and he's been in there 16 days now in ICU. He cannot (from what I've seen) move his left side. Today, he opened his eyes and tried to talk. He has a trech/respirator and was having difficulties. He is responsive and had to be restrained because he's trying to get out of the bed and pulling on the sensors & feed-tube.

    I asked him to relax and to take it easy. He's doing great and getting better. He looked so scared and angry. I could tell he was in a lot of pain . I'm so saddened by this and I cannot imagine what he's going through. I suffer occasionaly from Sleep Paralysis & I'm terrified because I'm awake in mind, but I cannot seem to wake up. I know I'm unable to move and even though this has happened about 30 times or so, I'm terrified each and every-time! I can somewhat relate, but I don't think in anyway it's the same.

    My brother is a very sensative person. We're complete opposits 18 months appart and fight all the time. My family thought there was no hope and I miss fighting with him (strange as it sounds -you realize the value of someone when they're not there).

    My question: Has anyone been able to walk and talk, then have a simmilar issue and not be able to move left/right side? (Only 1 side)

    Were you on a ventilator?
    Were you able to overcome the fear or thought of having this condition? If so, how is the quality of life?

    *Most important: How can I (as his brother) help him with this if he is diagnosed with Hemiplegia? I can't help but think he's going to be so scared or mad.

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    I am so sorry for your brother injury, and wish I could give you the concrete information you are seeking, but it is very early on in his injury. In some ways that is the good news too, because he will undoubtedly get better as time goes on. Many people on this forum have been on vents initially, and many have needed them only for the most acute time after their injury and then never again. Many hemiplegics, such as stroke victims, recover the ability to walk although they might have some residual weakness on one side. Speech is very, very often able to be gotten back, either with just the passage of some time, or some work with speech therapists. So, I guess what I am trying to say is that there is every reason to have optimism for a future with far fewer problems. Some of the problems may even be very short term and related to the swelling itself, although only time will make that clear. Keep us posted how things are going, but I really do think things will get significantly better over time.


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      I'm sorry your troubles. I've no experience in what you describe. May your brother mend quickly.


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        My wife used to care for an older woman who had a stroke rendering her a hemiplegic. She was a tough 'ol cookie, and was able to do all things on her own untill recently, due to her age (79).

        Point being, your brother is young and much stronger to be going through this at his age. As stated, it's really to early to speculate what he will or won't be able to do as of yet.

        Please just try stay possitive and continue to hold the fighting off until he's strong enough to return the favor.


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          Stay strong and stay positive. Healing and recovery take time.
          Best wishes.
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            Originally posted by Eileen View Post
            Keep us posted how things are going, but I really do think things will get significantly better over time.

            Upadate - He has over the weekend waken up . He cannot speak right now because of the trach. and is still on the respirator because when they took him off he was hiperventilating (nervous). He can read, write, hear, see & comprehend what we're saying. His BP rises when we get any interaction from him, so the nurses want us to leave him be for now. As anxious as I am to find out where he's at mentally and physically, we need to wait.

            The good news. There is a possibility that he will be able to walk. on 4/11/10 he was able to lift his left leg with great struggle. The left side of his face was still a week ago, and Sunday 4/11/10 it was mostly moving with the right except for a handful of times. I am staying optimistic as each day brings more improvement. He still has a lot of swelling. The Doc. said with reduced swelling, he may be fine!

            Thank you all for your kindness in my trying to understand what is going on with him.

            I'll give a final update once he's out of ICU.


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              I am very glad to hear that your brother is doing better. Stay strong, know that here are people out here in this forum sending good vibes to you.

              Blessed be
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                Thanks for updating. Sounds like things are going as well as possible.


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                  Great news about your brother!!


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                    Never ever give up hope. I know this from my own experience with my mothers head injury from an aneurysm. She was in a coma for months and now, tonight, baking snickerdoodles. lol so never give up!
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