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  • Caregiver moving to the Netherlands

    Hi everyone,

    I come here often to find answers and have contributed a few times on issues I've read a little on.

    I work full time for lifeline community care in Queensland and part time for Randstad.

    My wife and I are moving to Haarlem in the Netherlands and I have been looking for work with no luck due to my level of Dutch.

    I am hoping that someone on here may know someone in the Netherlands who would be keen to hire an English speaking Support Worker.

    I have been working in Disability Support Work for four years in many different work environments. For the last two years I have been supporting a man with Quadriplegia. As well as being trained in all of the essentials in support work ie. manual handling, personal care, medication training etc. I am a keen computer user and am always keen to help in any way possible. For example, in my time I have created many websites, designed many logos, invented and implemented a desk addition to enable independent computer use, basic splint repair (addition of a laser pointer!).

    Actually, here's an excerpt from my most recent resume addition since Queensland:

     Full time Disability support work in four separate arrangements
     Working with strong teams in empowering people with disabilities to make new choices, maintain and enhance their level of independence.
     Supporting persons with Quadriplegia and Paraplegia using hoists, an extensive range of manual handling techniques, mealtime and medication management.
     Developed and implemented assistive devices to improve client quality of life
    Such as;
    Designed and fitted a desk attachment to enable independent access to client’s computer (previously required staff assistance).
    Recommended and implemented new night time mobile phone system using Bluetooth and voice activation giving the client increased security and confidence during their unsupported nights.
    Assisting client in all areas of technology – developing websites, managing networks, learning to use new wheelchairs, designing company logos and changing an entire computer system.
     Advocating for clients through Lifeline and DSQ – requesting more support hours, more training for staff, and funding for a new bed.
     Assisting client in managing Diabetes and Coeliacs Disease through diet, medication and exercise, performing regular insulin injections, thoroughly recording all dietary intake, communicating with staff team and General Practitioner.
     Working as part of a team to understand and reduce the occurrence of challenging behaviours where they are affecting quality of life and limiting opportunities.
     Worked hard to ensure that administrative procedures were clear and accessible to incoming staff.
     Practicing a strong positive outlook where every problem becomes an opportunity to find a new or better way of doing something.

     Use regular, clear and honest communication with all Lifeline staff. I believe this is one of the most important aspects of my job.
     Maintain clean living environments and strongly advocate independence in clients who are able to complete tasks on their own.
     Always keeping the long term goals for each client in mind when assisting in any task.
     I have a strong focus on quality of life and skill building while also having tight personal standards of professionalism, cleanliness and efficiency.
     I am a listener who believes there is always more to learn and that every client is completely unique and will always require a fresh approach in my support work.

    I really enjoy my work and would love to be able to continue on in the Netherlands (anywhere in the Netherlands, I'll travel- it's a small country

    Any help would be hugely appreciated, Thanks so much.


    PS. Of course I will send a full resume, references and phone references to any interested employers.