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    Originally posted by madmaddmother View Post
    quick update...breathing at only 90%...if the ox tube falls out, he dips into high 80's...we did a quad assist cough this am for a test...much heavy green yuck...he did well after the vent removal as far as breathing...coming off the drug they used to sedate him was pretty fast but confusion still today...about 3am he woke me yelling as loud as he could (but really not loud) to close the door and pull the drape closed and turn out lights because "they" were out to kill him...didn't last long but I understand is common, considering what he has been through...they gave his lyrca and baclafin (sp) and pain patch back...smaller doses and we'll ramp up slowly...just gave him some breakthu oxie so he is sleeping quietly...
    Judy, how is your son doing today? Thinking of you...


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      We're out of ICU and the wifi sucks in the new room...I have started to post a couple times and pffff, lose connection...Joel is improving...still seems to spike a fever as high as 102 at least once a day...breathing treatment every 4 hours...pain is manageable...the bed he is in changes into a chair and we are slowly using the binder and ted stockings and raise him up every 2 hours..pressure bottoms out...and he passes out...he is weak but getting stronger everyday...Thank you all for the prayers and support...I do appreciate it...I was reading Kendall's post earlier and sometimes the sadness of knowing other are dealing with more pain and heartbreak makes me appreciate life a bit more...if that makes any since...hugs to you all, judy


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        glad to know he is better. praying he gets well soon.


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          Judy, I can't believe I missed this until now -- I'm so sorry!

          What a relief that Joel is on the mend. I can't imagine how scary all this must have been (er, still is) to you both. It's fantastic that he was able to get off the vent so quickly, and without that nerve-wracking flight to OKC.

          Big hugs to you, my friend. Moms like you are the most precious gift a young person going through way more crap than they should ever have to deal with can have. I know I never would have made it through everything I went through with my tumor, surgeries, finishing high school without my own Mom, and I am certain Joel feels the same about you.

          Take care of yourself, too, please! Hopefully Joel will continue to improve and you both can get home to where you can rest and have some real, edible food (that's definitely not Mickey Ds!).

          It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

          ~Julius Caesar


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            Im so glad Joel is continually improving! You both continue to be in my thoughts & prayers!!

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              So glad to hear Joel is improving. Yes, I have heard of those beds that turn into a chair. They are cool. Sorry he is still with a high temp and BP bottoming out. Glad his breathing is better and thrilled he is out of ICU. Sending those healing thoughts to Joel...and you :-)


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                Glad things are looking up? Are they using anything to increase his bp like Dopamine or even Sudafed? Have they tried one of the vibrating vests(don't know the correct name) to loosen the conjestion? Mine was tried days after the fusion..ouch..couldn't be pleasant regardless but they say they work wonders.


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                  Quad79 is referring to a Coughalator Vest. That might be a good option if the hospital has one. It is also something to consider seeing if your insurance will cover.

                  The vest does your chest PT to help clear the lungs.
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