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Quad w/stage IV decubitus ulcers-homebound ques

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    I have a daughter and would give my life in a heartbeat if it was needed to save her, how this guy's mother could put not wanting to be inconvenienced over the well being of her son is sickening to me.

    A parent who truly cared about their child would have got him out of that place and got him home, regardless if it was a huge inconvenience and financial strain. It's in the toughest of times where family shows where their love for someone in a bad situation is deep or not.


      May Craig rest in peace. God bles you med. You were a true friend.


        Just found this thread, what a shame.
        Very sorry for loosing your friend.
        My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.


          November, thank you. Yes, Craig did not have to die. If he received better care, it seems to me he would be joining us online now, and living a life. I am just so hearbroken. Thank you.

          The Duder, yes, I know. If it were my child,my brother, I would give anything to get him home and out of the hospital. The longer he stayed in the care of that hospital (since October), the outcome was predictable. Only home he would go to would be in the sky. I just think of how lucky I am to have family to have helped me out after my SCI.

          Mona, thank you so much. I just wish and prayed so hard that his family would take care of his insurance, be honest with Craig and with what they could do, and either tell him they were not going to take him home, or get him into a safe situation. He told me how much he appreciated my friendship, and help, and this means a lot to me. Wish I could have done more.

          Macska, thank you so much.

          Judy, thanks also.

          His funeral was pretty amazing. Beautiful procession, and lots of tears. Very sad. His little sister broke my heart when she asked where he was going, as his casket was wheeled out of the church. Lots of healing needed...and I am trying to just let go now, and know I did all I could, and he is in God's hands. Thanks so much my friends!
          Your support means the world to me.
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            You're welcome med. God knows how much you cared. He knew too! You'll meet in heaven. He'll be waiting for you with a smile and arms out. Thanking his friend for all she did. So sad about his lil sister. God bless.