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    Here is a copy of the template we are using for our most recent PCA hires:

    Personal Care Attendant Agreement

    The purpose of this document is to set forth our agreement with respect to the terms and conditions upon which you agree to act as a Personal Care Attendant (PCA).

    1. Effective as of the date of execution of this agreement, you are engaged by the undersigned as a non-exclusive Personal Care Attendant (PCA).

    2. In such capacity, you will provide services listed on the attached job description, according to the indicated schedule.

    3. We have agreed to a ____________ shift paid training and trial-work period. If at the end of that time, the work is not satisfactory, this agreement will be terminated.

    4. We have agreed that you will consent to a background check and that if this inquiry results in negative information it may be cause for immediate termination by the Employer.

    5. We have agreed that you will be paid ___weekly or ___ monthly by check.

    6. You will not be reimbursed for gas or milage for your own transportation unless you are requested to run an errand for the Employer. You do not have permission to drive or use the Employer's van.

    7. If you make any purchases at the request of the Employer, you will be reimbursed if you provide receipts.

    8. The PCA agrees to use their best efforts to provide the assistance listed in this document and will maintain goodwill between themselves and the Employer and other members of the household.

    9. The PCA agrees to maintain confidentiality about the Employer and other members of the household.

    10. The methods used for providing care will be as directed by the Employer. You will be trained in all care according to a mutually agreed schedule.

    11. Changes in schedule must be negotiated at least 48 hours in advance, and the Employer reserves the right to request that the PCA perform the work at an alternative time. There will be no more than 1 of these requests for changes in a month.

    12. Tardiness of more than 15 minutes will not be acceptable. Two instances of unexcused tardiness may be the basis for termination.

    13. You will have access to the home, including the garage, master bedroom and bath, living room, second bathroom, family room and kitchen. You will not have access to other parts of the home, including the den/office and other bedrooms without the direct permission of the Employer.

    14. If you prepare food for the Employer, you may also eat the same meal. You may also bring your own food and store it in the refrigerator and use the oven, microwave and stove when needed.

    14. You may use the televisions while providing care, if agreed by the Employer.

    15. You may make one phone call per shift if needed using the home phone. No international calls may be made. You may use your own cellphone but will limit calls to emergencies only while actually providing care.

    16. You do not have permission to use the computer unless you are assisting the Employer in use at their specific request.

    17. You may not invite or bring other people with you to the job site without the explicit permission of the Employeer in advance.

    17. Your initial rate of pay will be ___________/hour or portion there of.

    Mutual Agreement of Termination (except as noted below):
    You will give two weeks notice before leaving
    We will give you two weeks notice before terminating

    Causes for Immediate Termination
    Refusal to provide care contracted here.
    Endangering safety or health of Employer.
    Not showing up for work.
    Smoking or using illicit drugs or alcohol while on duty.
    Stealing or use of Employer’s personal property without permission.

    It is agreed that you will not be an employee of the Employer for the purposes of federal or state tax purposes. You will be an independent contractor and will be solely responsible for payment of all federal, state or local tax obligations with all compensation paid to you by the Employer.


    PCA____________________________________________ Date______________

    Employer________________________________________ Date______________

    Employer________________________________________ Date______________
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      i thought i would see what paula would do maybe a 1 time thing but no my computor was turned off paula turned it on then turned it off,

      so i am going to fire her.i feel that i should never have to have said anything in the first


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        Workers 25 and under need to have their constant text messages or you are considered an old-fashioned bastard.

        KLD thank you for the contract format


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          lol paula served 2 tours in iran so she say she is 28 but as of tonite she looking for another job


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            I have a pretty relax setup for my caregivers. I am asleep when they get to my home. I let them use my laptop as long as my cleaning stuff is done first (takes 5 minutes). I keep nothing of value on my laptop, so its ok. trust me, its better then the alternative.... them falling asleep!!!
            C'mon buh bub!


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              You FIRED her! For checking her Facebook page!! Holy crapp!!! (i know this thread is old but I had to weigh in)

              She's probably better off not working for you if you're that stingy. I can see firing her for trying to check your stuff, but not her own. All you had to do was just say, I'd rather you didn't use my computer when I'm not around, it's just my policy. Then if she blatantly disregards your request, then fire her. It's called communication! Like someone else said, maybe her previous employer(s) let her do it and she didn't think. That being said, she still should have asked. I just don't see that offence rising to the level of termination.