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Is Anyone familiar with the CMPAS Program in Texas?

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  • Is Anyone familiar with the CMPAS Program in Texas?

    Is Anyone familiar with the CMPAS Program in Texas? I have a friend on the CMPAS and CDS program and they are trying to reduce his attendent hours.
    Anyone else on this program?


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    if they are moving to reduce attd hours, it is most likely he recently had his annual case eval......if you are not careful in these interviews and insinuate any improvement in independence or ability, they note it and lower your need score...its the purpose of them...if his abilities or mobilty has not in fact improved, he needs to appeal within 30 days with a letter from his pcp stating no change in condition...otherwise he'll have to wait til next eval (likely 12 months)


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      Not its not that. We have both had SCI for several years and are very experienced in knowing how the system works.
      The reason given is that this these are Title 20 programs and the budget is running out. CMPAS and Family Care and one other program fall under this funding.

      He will appeal the decision. We are just trying to find more people on the program and see how they are dealing with it. Also trying to find out about the budget. He is calling the state and finding little info.

      Thanks for your input and trying to help,

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